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What is hand sanitizer?

A hand sanitizer is typically a gel, foal, or liquid that kills germs and other microbes on the hands. It is available in several types of packages that make it easy to carry around. This makes hand sanitizer an important part of your everyday carry.

What is hand sanitizer used for?

One of the main uses of hand sanitizer is to keep your hands clean and germ-free on the go. There are many areas where washing your hands with soap and water is not possible and this is where a hand sanitizer plays an important role. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, several public places are now keeping a hand sanitizer machine and even an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser to allow people to keep their hands clean more frequently.

Types of hand sanitizers

Several brands have begun to produce these in bulk which has caused the hand sanitizer price in India to become quite affordable these days. There are mainly two types of hand sanitizers that are available in India:

Based on the composition

  • Alcohol based hand sanitizer: This type of sanitizers usually contain 60 to 90% of ethanol, isopropanol, or n-propanol and are proven highly effective for killing germs. This is why this type of hand ...
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  • Alcohol free hand sanitizer: It does not contain any alcohol but includes other germicidal agents like Benzalkonium chloride and Triclosan.

Types of hand sanitizers

To buy hand sanitizer online, you need to know which type of hand sanitizer best suits your purpose or usage. There are different types like,

Based on the delivery mechanism

  • Hand sanitizer spray
  • Liquid hand sanitizer
  • Hand sanitizer gel

Top hand sanitizer brands

The best of the best hand sanitizer ingredients are combined carefully and packaged into easy-to-carry pocket hand sanitizer packages by some of the best hand sanitizer brands in India. You can easily buy hand sanitizer in India because they are available in plenty at most pharmacies and supermarkets. To choose the best hand sanitizer in India you can rely on the following brands:

These are:

  • Dettol hand sanitizer
  • Lifebuoy hand sanitizer
  • Himalaya hand sanitizer
  • Savlon hand sanitizer
  • Dabur hand sanitizer

Other brands

If a higher price isn’t a problem for you then you can easily buy hand sanitizer online from the following brands.

These are:

  • VLCC hand sanitizer
  • 3M hand sanitizer
  • Purell hand sanitizer

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a hand sanitizer instead of soap and water?

It has been proven that hand sanitizers are more effective in removing germs than soap and water.

Does regular use of hand sanitizer cause skin irritation?

Not at all. Excess usage of soap can do that because of the harsh chemicals in it.

How long should I rub hand sanitizer on my palm to remove germs?

You should rub your palms with hand sanitizer for 20 to 30 seconds.

What not to do after applying hand sanitizer?

Do not wash your hands immediately after applying hand sanitizer.

Can hand sanitizers protect me from Covid-19?

Yes, if soap and water are not available then a hand sanitizer with a minimum of 60% alcohol can do the job.
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