Wonder Fresh Dishwash Bar Tulsi + Cucmber 750gm
Wonder Fresh Dishwash Bar Tulsi + Cucmber 750gm

Wonder Fresh Dishwash Bar Tulsi + Cucmber 750gm

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Wonder Fresh Dishwash Bar is made with advanced technology which easily cleans greasy pots, pans and other dishes. Along with the grease-busting formulation, Wonder Fresh Bar scrubs out tough oil stains very easily and the fragrance of tulsi and cucumber removes every stench of food from the utensils. While the regular dishwashing bars leave a white-coloured soapy layer on utensils after being dry, Wonder Fresh Dishwash Bar prevents this and leaves the utensils clean and bright. Furthermore, this Wonder Fresh product also ensures efficient cleaning of expensive crockery, including glassware. 


  • Eco-friendly and herbal product.
  • The unique advanced formulation with tulsi and cucumber helps clean the dishes quickly, without much effort.
  • This Wonder Fresh Dishwash Bar is soft and gentle on the hands.
  • Once washed with Wonder Fresh Bar, the utensils get a sparkling clean shine and have no white soapy residue or any smell.
  • These bars are so strong that only a small quantity is enough to clean one sink full of dirty utensils.
  • This dish wash soap protects the surface of the delicate cookware.
  • Wonder Fresh Dish Wash Bar has a pleasant fragrance of tulsi and cucumber, making the cleaning experience refreshing.
  • You get a scrubber free inside every pack of Wonder Fresh Dishwash Bar Tulsi + Cucumber 750gm.


  • Tulsi
  • Cucumber
  • Wood ash
  • Lemon peels


All types of dish and utensil cleaning.

How to Use

  • Break the seal and open the lid of Wonder Fresh Dish Wash Bar.
  • Wipe some soap using a scrubber or a dishwashing sponge.
  • Now apply the sponge or scrubber to utensils and rinse them well with running water.

Safety Information

  • When not in use, keep the dishwashing bar in a dry place.
  • Place it away from direct sunlight.
  • Ensure that it is far from children’s reach.


Q1: Is Wonder Fresh Dishwash Bar available in other fragrances?

Ans: Yes, you can get Wonder Fresh Dishwash Bar in three fragrances: Aloe vera + Neem, Tulsi + Cucumber and Vinegar + Lemon.

Q2: What is the shelf life of these soaps?

Ans: The maximum shelf life of Wonder Fresh Dishwash Bar is 24 months.

Q3: What other products does Wonder Fresh Company manufacture?

Ans: Wonder Fresh Company has a wide range of products in the home hygiene category. Right from air fresheners, moth guards, toilet cleaners to insecticide chalks and soap dispensers, you can find high-quality hygiene products under the Wonder Fresh brand.

Q4: Will Wonder Fresh Dishwash Bar hamper my hands’ skin?

Ans: No, Wonder Fresh Dish Wash Bar is tough on food and oil stains but gentle and soft on your hands.

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