Runbugz Mosquito Repellent Sticks (Pack Of 12 Sticks) - Pack Of 1

Runbugz Mosquito Repellent Sticks (Pack Of 12 Sticks) - Pack Of 1

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Made with natural plant-based essential oils, Runbugz Mosquito Repellent Sticks are a chemical-free and eco-friendly way to keep the mosquitoes at bay. These sticks are an ideal alternative to chemical-based anti repellants, including mats and liquids, because of DEET-free and low toxicity properties.

The pleasant citronella fragrance of the repellent sticks aids in turning the environment more peaceful and tranquil. One pack of Runbugz Mosquito Repellent Sticks contains 12 sticks, each with a long-lasting effect of about 2 to 2.5 hours.


  • The mosquito repellent sticks are made with natural ingredients.
  • It is eco-friendly and chemical-free.
  • The product is non-toxic and 100% DEET-free.
  • Offers long-lasting protection against mosquito bites.
  • It repels mosquitoes purely and naturally.


  • Citronella Oil
  • Neem Oil
  • Eucalyptus Oil
  • Lemon Grass


  • One Runbugz Mosquito Repellent Stick can keep the mosquitoes away for approximately 3 hours.
  • Its fragrance leaves the environment aromatic and pleasant.
  • Made with all-natural ingredients, which makes it less toxic.
  • These sticks can be placed both indoors and outdoors.
  • The chemical-free quality of the sticks makes them safe and suitable for both kids and adults.

How to Use

  • Place the repellent sticks in a stand in the mosquito-infested area.
  • Use a matchstick or lighter to ignite the incense sticks.

Safety Information

  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Read the label carefully before use.
  • Make sure to ignite the sticks in a well-ventilated area.
  • Do not leave the burning sticks unattended.


Q1. How long does the effect of Runbugz Mosquito Repellent Sticks last?

Ans: The Stick lasts for about 45 minutes, but its effect still stays on for two and a half to three hours.

Q2. Where can one use Runbugz Mosquito Repellent Stick?

Ans: These sticks have specifically been designed for both indoors and outdoors. These can also be placed in balconies, gardens and even terraces.

Q3. Is Runbugz Mosquito Repellent Stick chemical-free?

Ans: These Sticks are made with all-natural ingredients. They are chemical-free, non-toxic and safe to use.

Q4. Is it safe to use Runbugz Mosquito Repellent Stick around babies?

Ans: Yes, they are made using all-natural ingredients, which makes them completely safe for use around babies.

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