Pigeon Peristaltic Nipple M 1 Pcs
Pigeon Peristaltic Nipple M 1 Pcs
Pigeon Peristaltic Nipple M 1 Pcs
Pigeon Peristaltic Nipple M 1 Pcs
Pigeon Peristaltic Nipple M 1 Pcs
Pigeon Peristaltic Nipple M 1 Pcs
Pigeon Peristaltic Nipple M 1 Pcs
Pigeon Peristaltic Nipple M 1 Pcs
Pigeon Peristaltic Nipple M 1 Pcs

Pigeon Peristaltic Nipple M 1 Pcs

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From the time a baby is born, the mother’s breast milk becomes their ultimate source of nutrition. Breastfeeding is vital for the baby’s healthy development and for building immunity. But in circumstances where direct feeding from the mother’s breast is not possible, a baby feeding bottle comes to the rescue. The Pigeon Peristaltic Nipple Size M is the perfect companion to a feeding bottle and encourages your baby’s natural suckling. It is made of super-stretchable and ultra-soft Silicone, which comfortably fits in your baby’s delicate mouth. This nipple is dome-shaped and uniquely crafted to simulate a mother’s breast, having a similar elasticity as that of the latter. The nipple is also equipped with a grooved interior and a system to minimize colic. It is free of harmful substances like BPA and BPE and is suitable for infants more than 4 months of age.


  • Ultra-soft Silicone - The Pigeon Peristaltic Nipple is made of thick and ultra-soft Silicone material which closely resembles a mother’s due to their similar elasticities. Being super soft, this product is designed to be gentle on your baby’s mouth.
  • Super Stretchable - The nipple is extremely stretchable and flexible, which makes it easy for your baby to latch on. This encourages the baby’s natural suckling without causing discomfort.
  • Accordion-like Portion on the Teat - The teat section comes with an "accordion-like" portion that enables it to stretch in response to the peristaltic movement of the baby's tongue.
  • Non-collapsible - Despite being soft, this nipple stays erect and does not collapse easily.
  • Dome Shape - The dome-like shape nudges the baby's mouth open naturally, in addition to softly supporting the mouth and gently fitting inside the lips.
  • Air Ventilation System - This system helps to minimize colic and keeps the baby happy.
  • The nipple has a Grooved Interior and a Slim Neck.
  • Safe - This nipple is free from harmful substances like BPA and BPE.
  • Medium Size (M) - The nipple has a Medium-sized round hole that is recommended for babies of the ages of 4 months and more.




  • It helps to promote breastfeeding in babies where direct feeding from the mother’s breast is not possible.
  • It closely resembles the mother’s breast due to its elasticity and unique shape.
  • It has a unique air ventilation system that helps to minimize colic.
  • It is super stretchable and adapts easily to your baby’s mouth.
  • The medium size hole enables slow flow for babies of the ages 4 months and above.

How to Use

  • Read the instructions on the package carefully.
  • Inspect before each use and pull the nipple in every direction.
  • When using the nipple brush to clean it, gently press the nipple with the tip of your finger while washing.

Safety Information

  • Store it in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep it out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Discard at the first signs of damage or weakness.
  • Keep the nipple opening and ventilation hole clear.
  • When not in use, keep it in a dry and covered container.


Q1. Is it necessary to use washing detergent to wash the bottle and nipple after usage?

Ans: Yes. Milk contains fat and protein that cannot be washed away using just plain water. Before sterilizing the bottles, be sure to wash them clean with washing detergent and rinse them thoroughly.

Q2. I’m currently using an S-size Nipple but there is still milk left even after my baby has been drinking for 20 minutes. Is this all right?

Ans: The recommended time for each feeding is 10 - 15 minutes. If your baby is taking 20 minutes or longer, try loosening the cap of the bottle a little. If that doesn’t work, switch to an M-size or Y-cut nipple.

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