Pigeon Bottle Cleaning Sponge Brush
Pigeon Bottle Cleaning Sponge Brush
Pigeon Bottle Cleaning Sponge Brush
Pigeon Bottle Cleaning Sponge Brush
Pigeon Bottle Cleaning Sponge Brush
Pigeon Bottle Cleaning Sponge Brush

Pigeon Bottle Cleaning Sponge Brush

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Pigeon has brought this fantastic cleaning brush with a sponge head and a sturdy plastic handle to clean normal water bottles or baby milk bottles. Due to the sponge in the Pigeon Bottle Cleaning Brush having a rectangular structure, it can squeeze itself into any bottle, irrespective of the bottle’s mouth. Moreover, the sponge is made from natural products, so it's safe to wash baby bottles with this product. You can use the Pigeon Bottle Cleaning Sponge Brush with both cold and warm water.


  • Aids to remove light dirt and debris deposition from the bottles.
  • Cleans both the interior and exterior of bottles.
  • Long-lasting sponge head for better cleaning.
  • No early wear and tear in the sponge head.
  • Easy to grab the cleaning brush’s handle.
  • Helps in cleaning medium to long-sized bottles.
  • Safe for cleaning the baby bottles also.
  • No need to scrub the interiors and destroy the bottles.
  • Helps to remove salt crusts from inside the bottles.


  • Firm sponge
  • Plastic handle
  • Grip handle end


  • Pigeon Bottle Cleaning Sponge Brush is used to clean baby nursing bottles of various sizes and shapes.
  • You can fold the brush and use it to clean every corner of the bottle.
  • It helps to clean the rims of the bottles.
  • You can clean standard copper or stainless-steel bottles with the Pigeon Bottle Cleaning Brush.
  • It can be used in dual ways - vertical scrubbing and horizontal washing.
  • Now, one can clean the outer bottle walls with this Pigeon Bottle Cleaner Sponge Brush.
  • Comes with a unique grip handle for controlling the brush movement.

How to Use

  • First, make a soap solution by dissolving the liquid soap into water. Stir the solution to ensure that foam has appropriately formed.
  • Once done, first wash the exterior and interior of the bottles with normal tap water.
  • To use a Pigeon Brush, you need to dip the sponge head into the soap solution and insert it into the bottle’s head.
  • The grip handle at the bottle’s end will help you control the brush’s movement inside the bottle.
  • Scrub the walls in two different ways- vertically and horizontally for cleaning all the dirt.
  • Take out the brush, rub the sponge on the external wall and wash the bottle with warm water.

Safety Information

  • Do not dip the sponge in hot water.
  • Do not use the brush to clean bottles having different shapes and structures.
  • Make sure to hold the grip handle properly.


1. Can the Pigeon Bottle Cleaning Brush be folded?

Yes, you can fold the cleaning brush for easy storage in your cupboards or the kitchen.

2. How long does the sponge brush last?

The longevity of the Pigeon Bottle Cleaning Brush depends on the way you are using it. If you are too aggressive with the brush, the sponge will suffer from early wear and tear.

3. How can I store the brush in my kitchen?

There is a loop at the end of the handle. You can use that to hang the brush from a hook in your kitchen.

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