Personal Protective Equipment Kit (Ppe) By Premium Healthcare

Personal Protective Equipment Kit (Ppe) By Premium Healthcare

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Personal Protective Equipment Kit by Premium Healthcare helps protect the user from the spread of illness and infection and offers safety against injury. The product is made of high-quality materials and is adjustable. The complete kit contains hooded and zipped protective clothing with a cap, knee-length shoe cover, a melt-blown mask made of 3-ply, adjustable face shield and powder-free surgical gloves. The Personal Protective Equipment Kit by Premium Healthcare offers complete protection while allowing flexibility for movement, a lightweight experience and greater comfort.


  • It is intelligently designed for better comfort and mobility.
  • The garment allows better scope for bending and stretching, making it suitable for use while performing various tasks.
  • It has a long zipper and five elastic openings for convenient wearing and removal.
  • The plastic face shield is recyclable and lightweight. It offers complete visibility while providing the entire face with adequate protection.
  • The 3-ply mask helps absorb moisture and protects against all pollutants, dirt and germs.


  • Powder-free surgical gloves
  • Coverall with zipping – 95gsm
  • Cap
  • Shoe cover – knee length
  • 3-ply mask
  • PC safety goggles
  • Adjustable face shield
  • Biowaste bag – 18*24


  • It is ideal for use in healthcare settings.
  • The kit creates a barrier against contamination from respiratory secretion, body fluids and blood.
  • PPE protects high-risk patients from infections during surgery, from visitors and other healthcare workers.

How to Use

Read the directions carefully or follow the advice of professionals carefully when using the PPE kit.

Safety Information

  • Store the PPE kit carefully away from sunlight.
  • Avoid being rough with the kit to reduce any wear and tear.
  • Unsuitable for children.


Q1. Can it be used for children?

Ans: No, it is not suitable for babies and very small children.

Q2. Can it be washed and used again?

Ans: The PPE kit should be disposed of to prevent any illness and for the greatest comfort.

Q3. How many masks and shields does one kit contain?

Ans: There is one mask and one shield in each pack.

Q4. Are there sizes available?

Ans: The PPE kit is available in XXL size that is suitable for everyone. There are no different sizes in the product.

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