Moods Silver 1500 Dots Condoms - 3'S

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MOODS Silver 1500 Dots Condom has five times more dots for pleasure that is spot on.

Use: Sexual wellness

Salient features of MOODS Silver 1500 Dots Condom:
- Peak performance
- Scented
- Five times the performance

How to use:
- Put the condom on the erect genital just before indulging in sexual activity
- The rolling direction should be on the outside. If the roll is on the inside it indicates that condom is inside out. Inside out condom should not be used
- Must squeeze the end of the condom before putting it on to release any air trapped inside
- While squeezing the end with one hand, one should put the condom on top of the genital and roll it with the other
- Once ejaculation is reached, and genital is still erect, hold the condom firmly, and remove it carefully to avoid the spillovers

Safety information:
- The user is advised to read the instructions on the condom pack/leaflet before using the condom
- If condom comes off during sexual intercourse, do not use the same condom again, one should always use a fresh condom in such a scenario
- Not only the pleasure of lovemaking but also safety and protection needs, are to be kept in mind

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