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Medlife Lumbar Sacro Support Size Medium
Medlife Lumbar Sacro Support Size Medium
Medlife Lumbar Sacro Support Size Medium
Medlife Lumbar Sacro Support Size Medium
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Medlife Lumbar Sacro Support Size Medium

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Medlife Lumbar Sacro Support is designed to bring relief to people with back pain. Low back pain or lumbar pain can commonly occur due to lifting heavy objects, sudden jerks in movements, improper posture for a long time, and injuries associated with sports or accidents. Medlife Lumbar Sacro Support has 4 mild aluminium stays that fit the contour of the human body and are padded to provide maximum compression without triggering discomfort. A flexible splint along the back provides even more support and comfort. Two velcro closures ensure ease-of-wearing and the ability to adjust the snugness according to requirement. The lumbar support helps in minimizing the movement of the back, thereby allowing the muscles in the back to heal. It also helps in maintaining a proper posture.

Medlife Lumbar Sacro Support can be worn by people with lower back pain, lumbosacral strains, and it comes in 6 sizes- S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.

Uses of Medlife Lumbar Sacro Support:

  • Helps in reducing lower back pain
  • Provides compression to stabilize back muscles
  • Minimizes movement of the back, allowing it to heal
  • Helps in maintaining proper posture

Product specifications and uses:

  • 4 aluminium stays with padding for support
  • Back splint for additional comfort
  • Two velcro closures for convenience and snug fit
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Made with soft polyester, PE, rubber, nylon as well as aluminium for breathability, comfort, and support
  • Available in 6 sizes

Product care:

  • Hand wash with room temperature water and mild detergent
  • Air dry at room temperature
  • Do not iron, squeeze, bleach, or dry clean

Safety information:

  • Do not wrap it too tight
  • If rashes break out or you experience skin irritation, discontinue using it
  • Keep away from the reach of children

Directions for use:

  • Use Medlife Lumbar Sacro Support as directed by your physician/ physiotherapist/ orthopedics
  • Read the instructions before use
  • Do not self diagnose or self help assistyour condition as back pain can be due to several reasons, and the same needs evaluation by a doctor

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Will Medlife Lumbar Sacro Support ease my back pain?
Ans: Yes, Medlife Lumbar Sacro Support provides compression and immobilizes the back muscle to prevent awkward movement. It also keeps the region warm. These features can help reduce back pain.

Q2: Will Medlife Lumbar Sacro Support fit me?
Ans: Medlife Lumbar Sacro Support comes in 6 sizes. Measure the girth of your abdomen at the level of the navel and pick the right size accordingly.

Q3: Will I be comfortable wearing Medlife Lumbar Sacro Support?
Ans: Medlife Lumbar Sacro Support is made with the softest blend of fabric that is breathable and skin-friendly.

Q4: When should I wear Medlife Lumbar Sacro Support?
Ans: Back pain can either occur suddenly (acute) or gradually increase over a period of time due to improper posture and repetitive movements (chronic). Using Medlife Lumbar Sacro Support for acute back pain, along with back exercises can help in relieving acute back pain. However, chronic back pain can be due to various reasons. Hence, it is important to consult a doctor or a physiotherapist, get a proper diagnosis and follow the directions that are prescribed.

Q5: Do I have to take any precautions while using Medlife Lumbar Sacro Support?
Ans: If you feel additional discomfort, pain, or if you notice rashes around the back, then discontinue using the product. Don’t attach it too tightly. It is recommended to follow the instructions of a doctor regarding the duration and usage of the back support.

Q6: How can I prevent back pain?
Ans: Back pain can be prevented by some simple steps as follows -

  • If prone to back pain then use lumbar support such as Medlife Lumbar Sacro Support to maintain proper posture and minimize the risk of putting too much pressure on the back.
  • Practice age-appropriate exercises that target the strengthening of the back muscles.
  • If you live a sedentary lifestyle, then periodically walking and changing seating positions to reduce the tension of the back is helpful.
  • You can try lifting heavy objects mindfully and avoid twisting and sudden jerks in your movements.
  • Having a nutrient-rich diet inclusive of calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D, and maintaining a healthy weight is a must.
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