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Kamasutra Dott Dotted Condoms Box Of 6

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KamaSutra Dott Dotted Condoms are formulated with natural latex that adds more extraordinary sensations while making love in bed. These condoms come in an assortment of flavours and colours that are fit for every mood. To maximise the sensual experience, it features over 2064 raised dots that add the ultimate sensation to the love life and drives her crazy every time. These KamaSutra Dott Dotted Condoms enhance the excitement and heightens stimulations, while the dotted texture creates satisfying roughness to the lovemaking.


  • Lubricated condoms that easily glide.
  • Comes with the benefits of flavours for different moods.
  • It offers various colours to choose from.
  • Turn lovemaking into a sensual experience.
  • The dotted texture adds the missing zing.
  • These KamaSutra Dott Dotted Condoms have 2064 raised dots to enhance the bedtime experience.
  • It is electronically Tested and proven safe to use.
  • Great product to enhance excitement and stimulation.
  • Induces friction in every use.


Natural Latex


  • These KamaSutra Dott Dotted Condoms will add that extra spark to love life.
  • Available in an assortment of flavours that fit every mood.
  • Add more incredible sensations during intercourse.
  • The lubrication allows us to play the game of love with extreme comfort.
  • Provides sensual experience in every use.
  • The dotted feel drives the partner crazy that boosts excitement.

How to Use

  • Before indulging in any sexual activity, place the KamaSutra Dott Dotted Condom on the tip of your penis.
  • Roll down the condom smoothly to take its proper place.
  • Make sure to Pinch out the trapped air inside the condom.
  • Use one hand to eliminate the trapped air and unroll the condom using the other hand.
  • Once it’s done, pull out the condom carefully by holding it from the base to avoid spillage.

Safety Information

  • Go through the instructions before using them.
  • Always store KamaSutra Dott Dotted Condoms in a cool and dry place.
  • Do not reuse condoms.
  • In case of accidental tear or unwrapping of the condom, use another one.
  • Make sure the hands and surface are free from oil.
  • After use, wrap the condom in its packet or tissue and throw it in the dustbin. Do not flush it.
  • Keep this product out of kids' reach.


Q 1. When to use KamaSutra Dott Dotted Condoms?

Ans: Condoms are specially meant to prevent unwanted pregnancies and have a better bedtime experience. So, one can use KamaSutra Dott Dotted Condoms in both conditions.

Q 2. Does this guarantee protection against pregnancy?

Ans: Yes, condoms provide maximum safety against unwanted pregnancies and should be used every time you have sex. If not used properly, it can go the other way around too.

Q 3. Do dotted condoms enhance the lovemaking experience?

Ans: The KamaSutra Dott Dotted Condoms benefits with greater sensation as it features 2064 dots and the assortment of flavours it comes in is enough to drive her wild in bed.

Q 4. Does this product come in various variants?

Ans: Yes, the KamaSutra Dotted Condoms come in various flavours and colours that are great for every mood to enhance the lovemaking experience.

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