Invigra Max Pleasure Condoms - 12 Condoms
Invigra Max Pleasure Condoms - 12 Condoms
Invigra Max Pleasure Condoms - 12 Condoms
Invigra Max Pleasure Condoms - 12 Condoms
Invigra Max Pleasure Condoms - 12 Condoms
Invigra Max Pleasure Condoms - 12 Condoms

Invigra Max Pleasure Condoms - 12 Condoms

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Invigra Max Pleasure Condoms are specially designed to add extra spark and zing to your sex life. It comes with dotted and ribbed condoms that help maximise the pleasure in bed. It provides immense pleasure to both partners and helps make sex life exciting and interesting.

The Invigra condoms also protect against unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. With these condoms, family planning becomes more manageable and better. To ensure the reliability of the condoms, it has been tested and certified by TGA and CE certified. It has been tested electronically as well.


  • Dotted and ribbed condoms
  • Provides maximum pleasure
  • Lubricated condoms
  • Latex and teat ended as well
  • Dots for added friction
  • Electronically tested
  • Certified by TGA and CE
  • Provides maximum sensations


  • 12 pieces of Invigra Pleasure Condoms.


  • Prevents pregnancy
  • Provides pleasure
  • Helps in family planning
  • Prevents sexually transmitted diseases
  • Enhances sex life
  • Adds passion and spark
  • Provides maximum sensations
  • Lubrication ensures no pain

How to Use

  • Take one unit of the Invigra product out of the box.
  • Place it on your erect genitals.
  • Slide it gently without tampering with it.
  • Ensure the penis is covered completely.
  • In case of air bubbles, try removing them.
  • After you're done, take the condom off the penis and dispose of it carefully.
  • Be careful not to spill over.

Safety Information

  • For external use only.
  • Do not keep it close to children.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Read the instructions carefully before using.
  • Do not use one condom twice.
  • Place it away from heat.
  • Dispose of it responsibly after every use.
  • Do not flush the condom.


Q 1. How long can a condom last?

Ans: One condom can be used only once and should not be repeated at all. After using a condom once, it should be disposed of in the garbage.

Q 2. Will the Invigra condoms help prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

Ans: STD's are transmitted when someone has more than one partner or has been in contact with someone with the disease. STDs can be fatal as well - for instance, HIV AIDS. However, the Invigra company condoms help prevent the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

Q 3. Can you get pregnant even after using a condom?

Ans: Condoms are designed to prevent pregnancies. They're tested and certified to prove their reliability. However, it doesn't guarantee 100% effectiveness and you can also use other methods of contraception for added protection.

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