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It is alright to get exhausted with your stubbly and grizzled beard look. Gillette Vector 3 Razor Blades helps you attain the fresh, clean look you always wanted. The triple blades adapt automatically to the outlines of your skin. The fast blade system saves your precious time by shaving you thrice with one stroke, a single stroke which makes you get rid of frequent annoying strokes. The three self-adjusting blades give you a faster shave than with a double edge blade. The advanced lubricating strip gets activated when the skin is dampened, avoiding skin irritation for a smoother and gentler shave.


  • The three self-adjusting blades provide a faster shave.
  • Gillette Vector 3 Razor Blades are easy to rinse and clean.
  • The advanced Lubrastrip helps in avoiding skin inflammation.
  • The comfortable strip prevents cuts, nicks and missed spots.
  • It is also ideal for all skin types.


  • Rough blades often cause skin dryness and irritation. Gillette Vector 3 Razor Blades allows you a faster shaving process without irritating or drying the skin.
  • The benefits of Gillette Vector 3 Razor Blades are that it shaves your face without losing the moisture of it and ensures a shiny, even look.
  • The advanced Lubrastrip steers clear the possibility of skin soreness and irritability.

How to Use

  • The two buttons on the side of the razor handle need to be pressed to release the used cartridge.
  • The empty razor handle would be clicked onto the back of a new cartridge.
  • Do not forget to hydrate your face properly before you start the process.
  • Application of shaving cream is necessary to help protect against irritation.
  • The excess hair needs to be rinsed away after every stroke.

Safety Information

  • Avoid proximity with eyes.
  • Do not give exposure to children.
  • It is meant for external use only.
  • Store it in a hygienic and clean place.
  • Dispose of the blade after use in a non-designated sharps disposal container.
  • There are no clinically proven side effects of Gillette Vector 3 Razor Blades.


Q1. Can this product be used by both men and women?

Ans: No, this product is ideal for men. Gillette has its different shaving products when it comes to women.

Q2. What other products are available from Gillette?

Ans: Gillette provides a diverse range of safety razors, shaving creams and supplies and other personal care products. The American brand has products for both men and women.

Q3. Do I have to use anything after shaving with the Gillette Vector 3 Razor Blades?

Ans: Aftershaves are not always necessary. Even so, it could be helpful for men with sensitive skin or those who experience frequent skin inflammation.

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