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EAU thermal spray is a bottle full of revitalising and reviving spring water that brings natural soothing properties to our battered skin. It comes accompanied by the well-known and time tested healing properties of natural spring water. Fortified with anions and cations of trace elements and Silicon, EAU Thermale spray promises to revitalise the affected skin and soothe it. The natural thermal water accumulates rich minerals and nitrogen through its voyage across rocky terrains. Made with a similar concept and containing a rich blend of nitrogen and other minerals and a perfectly neutral pH of 7.5, EAU Thermale spray provides all the natural goodness and purifying effects.


Some of the notable benefits of using EAU thermal spray include:

  • Naturally sourced and free from artificial ingredients like preservatives.
  • Do not affect the natural bacterial make-up of the skin.
  • Hydrates and nourishes the skin after waxing or shaving.
  • Soothes sensitive skin after rigorous physical activity.
  • Suitable for diaper rashes in babies.
  • You can spray it on skin prone to redness or other dermatological conditions post-surgery or procedure with due medical advice.
  • Gives relief to skin prone to a dermatologically related burning sensation, itching or stinging sensations.


The EAU Thermale spray carries with it the natural benefits of essential ingredients:

  • Avene thermal spring water
  • Natural micro minerals
  • Nitrogen

How to Use

  • Spray it gently onto the face or neck or the affected area.
  • Wait for two to three minutes for the ingredients to take effect.
  • Pat dry the area with a clean and soft cloth.


Q1. Can we use the product on normal and unaffected skin?

Ans: While the product is recommended for dermatological problems such as rashes, irritations, sensitivity after a shave, you can use it on normal skin since it can refresh and hydrate it and keep it fresh.

Q2. How often can the thermal spring water be used in a day?

Ans: You can use the product as often as you want, depending on the dermatological issue one suffers. However, it is recommended to ask for an expert opinion before using it on the severely affected skin.

Q3. Is there any reported case of skin allergies or irritations after the use of thermal spring water?

Ans: There have not been any reported adverse effects due to the use of the product since it is made up of natural ingredients and is suitable for all types of skin, including sensitive skin.

Q4. How soon can we use the product after surgery or medical procedure?

Ans: An expert opinion of a medical professional is required before the product can be used post recovery from surgery on the affected area.

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