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Durex Kohinoor Kala Khatta Packet Of 10 Condoms
Durex Kohinoor Kala Khatta Packet Of 10 Condoms
Durex Kohinoor Kala Khatta Packet Of 10 Condoms
Durex Kohinoor Kala Khatta Packet Of 10 Condoms
Durex Kohinoor Kala Khatta Packet Of 10 Condoms
Durex Kohinoor Kala Khatta Packet Of 10 Condoms
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Durex Kohinoor Kala Khatta Packet Of 10 Condoms

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Durex Kohinoor Kala Khatta Condoms are for greater sensitivity and intimacy while still providing a high level of protection. Each Durex condom is dermatologically tested to ensure strength and is made of premium quality latex while being very reliable. Durex Kohinoor Condoms are designed to feel more natural, while the transparent thin latex helps highlight sensitivity. The naturally soft skin-like feel of the condom lets you indulge in the real intimate pleasure, which is elevated by the pleasurable straight-walled fit, providing greater sensitivity to where it is needed the most. An amazingly lubricated condom, Durex Kohinoor also eases friction and avoids stickiness for ultimate comfort and enjoyment for your partner too. What’s more is that these condoms also are made to smell better, which helps dodge distractions for an involving experience for both partners.


  • All Durex condoms are effective against STIs and practising birth control and are recommended during all formats of sexual intercourse.
  • The Durex Kohinoor Kala Khatta Condoms are ultra-thin and highly lubricated for long-lasting pleasure.
  • The condoms are transparent and made of natural rubber latex.
  • The product is dermatologically tested and 100% electronically tested, making it safe and secure.


The Durex Condoms are used as protection during sexual intercourse. It can be used to prevent pregnancy and also used to prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases that a person might catch during intercourse.

How to Use

  • Just before indulging in sexual intercourse, put the condom on the erect genitals.
  • The roll should be on the outside.
  • The end of the condom must be squeezed before putting it on to release any air trapped inside.
  • While squeezing the end with one hand, one should put the condom on top of the genital and roll it with the other.
  • Once ejaculation is reached and while the genital is still erect, hold the condom firmly and take it off carefully.

Safety Information

  • This product is for single use only.
  • Always use a fresh condom during intercourse.
  • Seek medical assistance as soon as possible or at least within 72 hours if the condom leaks/ bursts during use.
  • Do not use a condom after the expiry date indicated on the pack.
  • Store the condoms in a cool, dry place.
  • Protect from heat and direct sunlight.


1. Why should I use condoms?

Condoms help prevent unwanted pregnancies and protect from STDs.

2. Do condoms expire?

Yes, you can check the expiration date on the box as well as on each foil. Always use condoms that are within date.

3. Can I add lube to the condom?

Yes, but these condoms come pre-lubricated.

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