Dr. Vaidya'S Sandhivati Pills 24

Dr. Vaidya'S Sandhivati Pills 24

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When consuming Dr. Vaidya's Sandhivati supplements, you don’t have to worry about constantly suffering from bone or muscle pain that usually hinders one’s mobility. That’s the reason why you should have these supplements by Dr. Vaidya's so that you can move freely without having to scream due to intense pinching or radiating pain in the bones and muscles.


  • Make sure to improve the functioning of the bones and muscles.
  • Improve blood circulation to the muscles attached to the bones.
  • Reduces tenderness in the cartilage and tendons.
  • It helps in alleviating arthritis pain effectively.
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties reducing internal tissue and muscle swelling.


  • Mahoyograj Guggul
  • Maharasnadi Quath Ghan


  • Dr. Vaidya’s Orthopaedic Sandhivati Pills will help in reducing the pain due to degenerative diseases like arthritis.
  • Its ingredients will work on internal tissue and muscle inflammation and make sure to reduce the swells effectively.
  • It will also help reduce the tenderness from the bones and muscles so that your mobility can increase.

How to Use

  • Take out one tablet and consume it along with water and no other liquid.
  • To get the maximum of Dr. Vaidya’s benefits, you need to take it thrice a day to ensure that the ingredients present are effective and working fast.
  • If there are any side effects, you should consult a doctor.

Safety Information

  • Keep it away from direct sunlight and children’s reach.
  • Do not consume if you are on certain prescribed drugs.
  • Make sure not to miss a dose.
  • Always have the supplement on a full stomach.
  • It is for internal use only and not for topical use.


Q1. Will the Sandhivati tablets help in reducing the swell in my ankle from a sprain?

Ans: Dr. Vaidya’s Sandhivati tablets work amazingly on joint pains and ease movements. But since you have sprained your ankle and got swelling for the same reason, we would suggest applying cold compression externally to reduce the swelling because it has inflamed due to a muscle strain.

Q2. Can I get permanent relief from osteoarthritis in my knees after taking the Sandhivati tablets?

Ans: No, you cannot get permanent relief from the osteoarthritis pain after taking the Sandhivati tablets from Dr. Vaidya's supplements because it’s a degenerative disease and there is no permanent cure. But yes, you will get relief from the pain and the internal swelling of the cartilages, which are affected due to the continuous friction between the bones.

Q3. I am suffering from internal muscle inflammation due to spondylosis. Will Dr. Vaidya’s bone and muscle Sandhivati supplement tablets help?

Ans: Since spondylosis is a neural disease, you cannot treat it by taking the Sandhivati tablets from Dr. Vaidya’s. However, suppose your muscles have swollen internally due to a pinched nerve in the cervical region. In that case, the ingredients present in the supplement will help in reducing the pain and swelling.

Q4. Will I have any side effects after taking these Sandhivati tablets?

Ans: No, you won’t have any side effects as the product is made from natural ayurvedic ingredients.

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