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Dr. Vaidya'S Ayurvedic Acidity And Hypertension Pack | (Amlapittavati X 3) (Unmadvati X 3)

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Dr. Vaidya’s Acidity and Hypertension Pack features two of the most effective natural supplements to support healthy digestion, relaxation and help regulate blood pressure. The herbs present in this combo are noted for their therapeutic applications and in combination, they work to boost digestion, regulate metabolism, detoxify the body, lower stress levels and promotes sleep.


  • Dr. Vaidya's Ayurvedic Acidity And Hypertension Pack is a high-quality combination of Unmadvati Pills and Amlapitta Vati Pills.
  • Unmadvati Pills are very useful in the treatment of mental tensions.
  • Amlapittavati Pills are used for the treatment of hyperacidity.
  • Amla present in Amlapittavati Pills is used to boost metabolism and promotes digestion due to its high fibre content.
  • Shankhavali also called Shankhpushpi, present in Unmadvati Pills, is popularly known as the “Brain Tonic”. It helps to improve memory, controls vomiting and helps with headaches.


  • Amlapitta Vati
  • Munnakka Ghan
  • Kamal Ghan
  • Jyesthimadhu Ghan
  • Khare Ghan
  • Anantmul Ghan
  • Valo Ghan
  • Amla Ghan

Please read the label on the package to obtain the full list of all ingredients.


  • Dr. Vaidya's Ayurvedic Acidity And Hypertension Pack acts as a supplement agent for the body that helps in healthy digestion, relaxation and helps regulate blood pressure.
  • It is also used to revitalize the body and boost immunity.

How to Use

  • To use Dr. Vaidya's Ayurvedic Acidity And Hypertension Pack, consume Amlapitta Vati - 1 pill after breakfast and dinner and Unmadvati - 1 pill daily after dinner.
  • Recommended duration for the course is a minimum of 3 months or as directed by your physician. 

Safety Information

  • Read the label on the package.
  • Keep it away from children and pets.
  • Keep it away from direct sunlight.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Do not exceed the recommended dosage.


Q1. Do Dr. Vaidya's Ayurvedic Acidity And Hypertension Pack cause any allergies?

Ans: No, this pack generally do not cause rashes or allergies. However, in case of any symptoms such as nausea, headache, etc, it is recommended to consult a physician immediately.

Q2. Can Dr. Vaidya's Ayurvedic Acidity And Hypertension Pack be consumed by pregnant women?

Ans: Dr. Vaidya's Pack, in the case of pregnant, lactating women and disorders that require special attention, must be taken under medical supervision only.

Q3. Can Dr. Vaidya's Ayurvedic Acidity And Hypertension Pack relieve mental stress?

Ans: Dr. Vaidya's Ayurvedic Pack contain Shatavari derived from the Asparagus plant. This Ayurvedic herb increases brain power and helps relieve mental stress.

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