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Axiom Shavet Durva Juice 500 Ml

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Axiom Shavet Durva Juice is a herbal health supplement manufactured by the renowned Ayurvedic healthcare brand Axiom Ayurveda. This medicine helps your body deal with all issues concerning the gastrointestinal tract. It is also very helpful in treating nausea and acidity. Apart from its actions pertaining to gastric issues, this herbal juice also protects your body from all kinds of contamination and helps reinforce your immune system. In its purest form, Axiom Shavet Durva Juice uses a unique Ayurvedic formula consisting of the potent herb Shavet Durva.


  • This herbal medicine can help clear out toxins from your intestinal and urinary pathways. It also supports your intestinal tissues to contract more efficiently.
  • It provides relief from haemorrhoids and leucorrhea. This medicine is also helpful in treating chronic cases of dysentery.
  • This medicine protects the body from all kinds of poisons. It also prevents internal and external bleeding.
  • Axiom Shavet Durva Juice uses no synthetic additives. The contents of this medicine are completely organic. It is safe for consumption by everyone.


Shavet Durva


  • Axiom Shavet Durva Juice is strongly recommended for people suffering from chronic cases of acidity, dysentery and all other gastric issues.
  • This Ayurvedic medicine also helps boost your immune system.

How to Use

Consult your physician before consuming this herbal medicine and do not exceed the prescribed dosage.

Safety Information

  • Keep the Axiom Shavet Durva Juice out of reach of children.
  • Keep this herbal medicine away from direct sunlight and preserve it in a cool and dry place.
  • Examine the label carefully before using the Shavet Durva juice.


Q 1. Why is my Axiom Shavet Durva Juice displaying discolouration?

Ans: The ingredients used in the Axiom Shavet Durva Juice are completely organic and herbal. It does not contain any added preservatives or other synthetic elements. This can cause discolouration of the ingredients over prolonged periods of time.

Q 2. Is it safe for children to use this herbal medicine?

Ans: This Ayurvedic formula is not meant for regular or casual consumption by young children. However, in case your child is suffering from a chronic case of leucorrhea or haemorrhoids, you may let them consume this herbal relieving agent after consulting a physician.

Q 3. Does the Axiom Shavet Durva Juice have any side effects?

Ans: There are no known side effects to this herbal medicine. However, if your body reacts adversely to the contents of Axiom Shavet Durva Juice, you are advised to get in touch with a physician immediately.

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