What are face wipes?

Face wipes are soft, wet pieces of cloth that come folded in a pack or box. They are an integral part of your regular skincare regime. These are quick and easy facial cleansing alternatives. You can remove makeup and oil from your skin with facial wipes and do not have to use water or cleansers. They are also useful in removing dirt and can prevent acne-causing bacteria. These are disposable and meant for one-time use. Face wipes save time, are gentle on the skin and user-friendly.

What are face wipes used for?

Face wipes are convenient and best used to dissolve and rinse off makeup and wipe off extra oil from your face. It is very handy and effective to remove sweat from your face. You can carry them anywhere and use them whenever you want to without having to look for the restroom. Face wipes are a must-have in your bag and provide instant freshness.

Types of face wipes

There are various types of face wipes, from cleansing wipes with water content to moisturizing and hydrating wipes with cucumber, aloe, lemon, neem and other ingredients that soothe the skin. Some facial wipes are infused with rose water and act as a toner for your skin. You can differentiate the types of face wipes based on the skin type they are used for, such as dry, sensitive and oily skin. Face wipes are made of microfibers that have alcohol content and can help clean any form of bacteria, dead skin cells and absorb dirt from the skin. You may choose the type you desire.

Top face wipes Brands & USPs

While there are several face wipes available in the market, some of the most popular and best face wipes are from the following brands - Kara face wipes, Beco face wipes, Kaya Youth face wipes and Lacto Calamine face wipes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I pick a face wipe that suits my skin?

You must first understand your skin type in order to choose a suitable face wipe. There is very little chance of irritation. However, you must check if you have any allergies and try to avoid wipes with alcohol content.

Should I clean my face after using face wipes?

After using a face wipe, if it leaves a feeling of residue or greasiness, you can wash your face.

Are face wipes expensive?

While the price may vary depending on the type and brand, face wipes are affordable and easily available.

When can I use face wipes?

You can use a face wipe before makeup application, after a workout, or when you’re removing makeup at night.
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