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The WOW Skin Science Menstrual Cup is a reusable, safe, sustainable and easy to use solution for monthly periods. This menstrual cup is built to be soft and comfortable and unfolds to capture and collect your periods, after which you can empty it at a time of your convenience. With special materials used and sustainable production, the WOW Skin Science Menstrual Cup is highly effective, hygienic and environmentally friendly.


  • Crafted from safe materials without chemicals, the WOW Skin Science Cup is certified as environmentally safe. After researching a variety of materials, thickness and quality of silicone, this version of the menstrual cup is the softest possible.
  • Not only is it easier to insert and remove, but the WOW Skin Science Menstrual Cup is so soft that you won’t notice that it’s there. Additionally, through the innovative design, the cup ensures that you never have to worry about leaks.
  • Since it is washable and reusable, you can help to reduce waste and protect mother earth, as tampons and pads end up in landfills.
  • A cleansing wash that comes with the WOW Skin Science Cup maintains hygiene and pH balance without using harsh chemicals.

How to Use

  • Read the instructions and diagrams provided with the pack carefully.
  • Always rinse the cup after emptying it and before using it again.
  • Only use mild, perfume-free soap to wash the cup.
  • Sterilise the cup once a month before putting it away.

Safety Information

  • For those with heavier flow, you may need to change the cup more than twice a day.
  • Keep it away from sunlight, heat and children.
  • Consult your doctor before making the change to this product.
  • Stop using it immediately in case of any adverse effects.


Q1: How much period does it hold at a time?

Ans: The WOW Skin Science Menstrual Cup can collect and store up to 29.5ml at a given time before it needs to be emptied.

Q2: How often should I empty and reuse the cup?

Ans: It is recommended to empty the cup twice a day, once when you wake up and once before you go to bed. It is safe to leave overnight.

Q3: Does it come with an intimate area wash?

Ans: Yes, this pack contains 1 cup and 1 specially formulated intimate area cleansing wash for soothing and safe cleansing.

Q4: Is it meant for all women?

Ans: It can be used by all women, however, everyone is different so you might prefer different period solutions. It is best to first try out this menstrual cup and see whether you prefer it over tampons or pads before making the change.

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