Wonder Fresh Naphthalene Balls 100 Gm
Wonder Fresh Naphthalene Balls 100 Gm

Wonder Fresh Naphthalene Balls 100 Gm

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Wonder Fresh Naphthalene balls are small, white-coloured round balls that eliminate unpleasant smells. These balls are often referred to as 'mothballs' or 'camphor balls'.These are powerful weapons to prevent moles near your clothes in the wardrobe or foul-smell from bathrooms. Whether you'd like to repel insects or prevent bacterial growth around the sink, washbasins or corners of the bathroom, the Wonder Fresh Naphthalene balls are an ideal choice. 


  • Wonder Fresh Naphthalene balls repel insects, especially cockroaches.
  • It eliminates the unpleasant smell around the sink or washbasin.
  • It protects the clothes in the wardrobe from mites.
  • The naphthalene balls repel other insects from your wardrobe and impart a pleasant odour.
  • When the Wonder Fresh Naphthalene balls are used on your clothes or toilets, the non-intoxicated fumes from these balls prevent the entry of several insects and pests. Primarily, these naphthalene balls are effective in preventing moths and silverfish.


  • It protects the clothes from damage caused by bacterial growth or mites.
  • The Wonder Fresh Naphthalene balls can be used in all rooms of your home, including the kitchen, living room, bathrooms and bedrooms as a deodoriser.

How to Use

  • For clothing- Unpack the Wonder Fresh Naphthalene balls, place them in a tight container along with your clothes to prevent insects. Whenever you'd like to wear the clothes sealed in the container, make sure to wash them and wear them.
  • For Toilets or Washbasins- Unpack Wonder Fresh Naphthalene balls and take one or two balls of naphthalene. Cover them in a piece of cloth and place them near the skin or washbasin to prevent moths.

Safety Information 

  • Wash your hands after touching the naphthalene balls.
  • It's advised not to inhale the odour of naphthalene balls.
  • It's better not to use naphthalene balls for babies or children's clothes.
  • Store the product in a dry place without exposing it to the air.
  • Keep Wonder Fresh Naphthalene balls away from the children.


Q1. How many balls does each pack of Wonder Fresh Naphthalene balls contain?

Ans: This pack has a total of 32 balls, with a total weight of 100gm.

Q2. Do Wonder Fresh Naphthalene balls catch fire?

Ans: Since the naphthalene balls are flammable, it catches fire. Although the Wonder Fresh Naphthalene balls aren't highly explosive, they are not recommended for fire-inducing purposes.

Q3. Are naphthalene balls safe to use?

Ans: The naphthalene balls are safe for adults. However, it should be avoided by the younger children. Hence it shouldn't be kept in your children's wardrobe.

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