Razor Club 6 Blade
Razor Club 6 Blade

Razor Club 6 Blade

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Razor Club 6 Blade gives you a very clean and smooth shave. This is possible due to its ultramodern high-quality blades. One of the key benefits of Razor Club 6 Blade is its unique safe-edge technology. The blades are tightly fit together to ensure that no harm is caused to the skin. To provide you with a better grip, the blade comes with a rubberised metal handle. The pivot of the blade ensures easy movement of the hinge.


  • Ultramodern high-quality blades for a smooth shave.
  • Six-blade system razor for increased efficiency.
  • Pivoting head for easy movement.
  • Safe-edge technology for safe and harmless shaving.
  • Efficient grip with rubberised metal handle.


  • Teflon Nitrogen and Chrome.
  • Razor handle that is made up of rubberised metal.
  • Swedish blade material.
  • Razor with the six-blade system.
  • Lubricant strip.


  • To ensure a smooth shave.
  • To ensure the safety of the skin while shaving.

How to Use

  • Apply shaving cream on the skin.
  • Grip the metal handle and touch the blade with shaving cream.
  • Now run the blade along the skin with shaving cream.
  • Rinse the shaved hair with water.
  • If need be, apply an aftershave lotion.

Safety Information

  • Keep it out of the reach of children.
  • Do not expose the razor to sunlight for long periods, especially in the summer.


Q1. Can women use Razor Club 6 Blade?

Ans: Women can use Razor Club 6 Blade. As such, women will benefit a lot from using Razor Club 6 Blade in pregnancy because of its superior technology and efficient grip that help in easy shaving.

Q2. Can a person with sensitive skin use this razor?

Ans: Razor Club 6 Blade has been designed to make shaving easy for those with sensitive skin. Furthermore, there are no side effects of Razor Club 6 Blade like irritation for people with sensitive skin. This is indicated in the review of Razor Club 6 Blade.

Q3. Will there be redness in the skin after using Razor Club 6 Blade?

Ans: The composition of Razor Club 6 Blade makes it extremely skin-friendly. As such, using this razor will leave no redness or unwanted rashes.

Q4. If my kid has some unwanted hair, can I use this razor?

Ans: People usually don’t use Razor Club 6 Blade for kids. However, if necessary, you may use this razor with the recommendation of a doctor.

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