Razor Club 3 Blades
Razor Club 3 Blades

Razor Club 3 Blades

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The Aloe Vera and Vitamin E enhanced Razor Club 3 Blades glide effortlessly and protect the most sensitive skin from friction and inflammation. The pivoting head on these shaving blades allows them to glide effortlessly and smoothly along with your facial features, giving you a close shave without nicks or cuts. The back of the cartridge's Superior OpenFlow Architecture makes cleaning simple and quick, keeping the blades clean and hygienic. 


  • It has the groundbreaking Safe-Edge Technology, which provides a smooth shaving experience.
  • Each shaving blade offers effortless hinge movement.
  • Sleek in appearance and highly safe to use, this is the ideal companion for your morning ritual.
  • It's comfortable to grip and provides a close shave.


  • Use it on your sideburns, brows, upper lip or chin.
  • For a sanitary hair removal process, use a washable and disposable razor.
  • These blades for shaving are hygienic and lower the risk of infection.

How to Use

  • Wash and cleanse your face. Allow it to dry.
  • Remove the razors and replace the blade.
  • Pull the skin taut and gently move the razor downwards at a 45-degree angle.
  • Replace the protective cap.
  • After shaving, apply a facial moisturiser to moisturise and balance your skin.

Safety Information

  • Keep it out of children's reach.
  • Before using, carefully read the label.
  • Use caution if you have acne, a breakout or inflamed skin.


Q1: How many shaves can a blade provide?

Ans: A man should anticipate his razor blade to last about a week if he shaves every day.

Q2: When should you replace your razor blades?

Ans: If you shave daily, make sure you replace your shaving blade every 1 to 2 weeks. On the other hand, change it every 2 to 3 weeks if you shave every other day.

Q3: Is it necessary to change my razor blades regularly?

Ans: Dullness is the best indicator that it's time for a new blade. It's time to replace your razor blade if it pulls at your hair, feels harsh on your skin, or causes more skin irritation than usual after shaving.

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