Nivea 42k Roll On For Runners - 50 Ml
Nivea 42k Roll On For Runners - 50 Ml
Nivea 42k Roll On For Runners - 50 Ml
Nivea 42k Roll On For Runners - 50 Ml
Nivea 42k Roll On For Runners - 50 Ml
Nivea 42k Roll On For Runners - 50 Ml

Nivea 42k Roll On For Runners - 50 Ml

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While sweating after a long and hard workout, running or cycling is natural, the sweaty odour it leaves behind can be unpleasant. With the Nivea 42k Roll On, you don’t have to worry about sweat odour at all. 

Nivea 42k Roll On gives you a refreshing odour that masks your body odour due to excessive sweating. With a unique formula, it comes in an easy-to-use roll-on bottle. Now smell your victory with The Nivea 42k Roll On.


  • Mild yet refreshing odour.
  • The modern masculine odour is long-lasting.
  • Antiperspirant formula controls sweating and masks the sweaty smell.
  • Safe on the skin.
  • Soft on your sensitive underarms.
  • Uses a novel silver ion technology to kill almost 99.9% of bacteria.


The formula contains active silver ions and 37.7% denatured alcohol with fragrance and water.


  • The active silver ions help in inhibiting the odour-causing bacteria.
  • The mild antiperspirant formula controls sweating and keeps you fresh during the workout.
  • The formula is mild and hence moisturizes the skin as it deodorizes it.
  • The masculine fragrance is long-lasting, so your sweat will not smell bad even if you run long distances.

How to Use

  • Uncap the bottle of the Nivea 42k Roll On.
  • Roll it evenly on your underarms.
  • Wait till it dries.

Safety information

  • Place the Nivea 42k Roll On in a cool and dry place.
  • Avoid exposing it to sunlight.
  • Do not use it near the fire.
  • Keep Nivea 42 K Roll ON out of the reach of children.


Q1. What do the silver ions in the deodorant do?
The active silver ions react with the odour causing bacteria and help to control the odour.

Q2. Will Nivea 42K Roll On stain the underarm?
No, the roll-on is entirely safe and will not stain the underarms.

Q3. Will the deodorant leave a visible layer on my underarms after it dries?

Ans. No, the mild formula of the Nivea 42K Roll On will not leave a visible layer on the underarms.

Q4. Is Nivea 42k Roll On made in India?
The product is manufactured in Thailand and imported into India by Nivea Care, India.

Q5. Will the formula wash off easily during the bath?
Yes, you can easily wash off the deodorant roll-on from the underarm area during the bath.

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