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Medlife Pu Insole - Small

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Medlife Orthotic Insole is designed carefully to give full support to the underside of the foot while walking. Its thoughtful design ensures that a person can walk with absolute ease and with right support. The Medlife Orthotic Insole provides comfort to the feet so that you can walk for a long duration. The design cushions the heel while walking and absorbs the pressure that is generated. It protects the heels from the impact of hard landing and provides side-to-side stability.

Medlife Orthotic Insole can also help people with foot and heel pain to walk comfortably. It has been carefully crafted to fit any foot shape and arch, which provides the right amount of support while walking. The insole can be worn for multiple purposes, like walking, running, or exercising. It is light-weight and made up of PU Rendel material that helps absorb sweat and keeps the feet clean and odour-free.

It is available in 2 sizes- Small and Large.

Key Benefits:

  • Ensures maximum comfort while walking
  • Specially designed sole can help avoid the foot to skid
  • Eases foot or heel pain
  • Light-weighted to provide maximum comfort
  • Special design ensures it fits any foot shape or arch (low, neutral, or high)
  • PU Rendel material is sweat-absorbent, keeps the sole free from odour and moisture
  • Provides side-to-side stability
  • Suitable for walking and running
  • Durable, flexible and long-lasting

How to use the product:

  • Slip the insoles into any shoe type- casual shoes, athletic shoes, or sneakers
  • The fabric side should be facing up


Small and Large

Measuring your insole size:

Wearing the right insole size is crucial to avoid foot pain, blisters, cramps, and long-term complications-

  • Place your naked foot on a piece of paper
  • Outline your foot with a pencil
  • Note down the length & width of your foot
  • This measurement is your insole size


  • If you have any foot problems, diabetes, or are experiencing poor blood supply to the feet, consult your physician or podiatrist before you start using the product

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Will Medlife Orthotic Insole relieve foot pain?
Ans: Medlife Orthotic Insole, with its ergonomic design, helps to provide support and cushioning to the pressure points of the foot when you walk. It also helps to protect the heels from the impact of hard landing. Its thoughtful design enhances comfort, provides side-to-side stability, and adapts to all foot shapes, ensuring a perfect fit and relieving foot and heel pain.

Q2: Will my feet be comfortable in Medlife Orthotic Insole?
Ans: Medlife Orthotic Insole is made from sweat-absorbent material to keep your feet odour and moisture-free. This will avoid microbial build-up as well. Your feet will stay dry and never skid on the insole. The Medlife Orthotic Insole is light-weight and designed such that it ensures a perfect fit for all foot shapes. The cushioning provides support to the heels, thereby enhancing your comfort while walking and helping to reduce the pain.

Q3: Can I wear Medlife Orthotic Insole for a long duration?
Ans: Medlife Orthotic Insole will keep your feet comfortable and provide side-to-side stability, and its soft and comfortable ergonomic design allows a perfect fit for all foot shapes, which will allow you to keep wearing it for as long as needed. Its odour-lock and cushioning features will keep the feet stress-free, clean and dry, even if you wear the insole for hours, ensuring a good grip.

Q4: How soon should I replace Medlife Orthotic Insole?
Ans: Get yourself a new pair of Medlife Orthotic Insole as soon as you see the beginning of wear and tear or after using it for 6 months, whichever is earlier.

Q5: Why is it so important to find the right Medlife Orthotic Insole size?
Ans: Wearing the wrong size will not provide you with any of the benefits of the Medlife Orthotic Insole. Ensure you are wearing the right size insole to experience ease and maximum comfort.

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