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Medlife Advanced Hand Sanitizer is an effective formula specially designed to prevent and kill existing germs. Every Medlife Advanced Hand Sanitizer application deeply cleanses the hands and provides adequate protection against 99.9% of illness-causing germs. Hand sanitisers act as a barrier between the germs and the hands that keeps them soft and supple without leaving them dry. This safeguard tool by Medlife ensures germ-free hands without using soap and water. These are available in multiple scents, including strawberry and green apple that leaves a refreshing fragrance after every application and kills maximum germs.


  • Protects against 99.9% of germs and bacteria.
  • Every application of Medlife Advanced Hand Sanitizer kills illness-causing germs.
  • It deeply moisturises and hydrates the skin.
  • it does not require water for the desired results
  • Gentle on the skin and leaves a refreshing fragrance.
  • Leaves a clean and refreshing feel after every application.
  • Lock the moisture in without leaving the hands dry.
  • It is available in two exciting variants, strawberry and green apple.


  • Medlife Advanced Hand Sanitizer is an on-the-go solution to get germ-free moisturised hands that smells good.
  • This hand sanitiser is a mild composition that gently cleanses the skin and is free from any harsh chemicals that might cause skin side effects.
  • This product comes with moisturising properties that lock the moisture in after every use.
  • Flushes the impurities in just 20 seconds of application and protects against 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

How to Use

  • Open the newly packed Medlife Advanced Hand Sanitizer.
  • Put 3-5 drops of liquid on the hands and rub it generously.
  • Use frequently for maximum germ protection.

Safety Information

  • Place these products in a cool and dry place.
  • Do not place it under direct sun.
  • Keep it away from kids.
  • Read the label before using them.
  • Avoid using expired products.
  • Keep them away from flammable substances.


Q 1. Is Medlife Advanced Hand Sanitizer good for skin?

Ans. Yes, it contains antibacterial and moisturising properties that profoundly cleanses the hands without leaving them feeling dry and kills 99.9% of germs.

Q 2. Do doctors recommend this Medlife product?

Ans. Yes, doctors highly recommend this sanitiser as it effectively eliminates germs and bacteria from the skin and acts as a safeguard against all the germs that might hamper your health.

Q 3. Is it safe to use the Medlife Advanced Hand Sanitizer?

Ans. If used in the correct dosage, the Medlife Advanced Hand Sanitizer does not have any side effects as it is 100% chemical-free and ensures smooth, soft hands.

Q 4. Is Medlife Advanced Hand Sanitizer meant for everyday use?

Ans. Like all other sanitisers, the Medlife Advanced Hand Sanitizer can be used regularly for clean, germ-free hands.

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