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MamyPoko Pants Extra Absorb Diapers come with an elastic waistband ensuring a hustle free and comfortable experience for your little one. The crisscross absorbent sheet is designed to soak up to 7 glasses of urine without causing any discomfort or heaviness and helps with quick absorption and long-lasting dryness. MamyPoko Pants are approved by parents for their children as it proves to resist leaks, is rash free, comfortable and soft.


  • MamyPoko Pants Extra Absorb Diapers have crisscross channels that make sure the urine equally spreads, providing comfort and not heaviness.
  • The pant style of diapers is adjustable, easy to wear and dispose of.
  • The extra absorb feature of the diaper soaks wetness for up to 10 hours and maintains hygiene.
  • MamyPoko Pants provide long-lasting dryness and comfort for a baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Ultra absorbent MamyPoko Pants with stretchable thigh support prevents leakage so your baby can move without any discomfort.


  • MamyPoko Pants are designed from a breathable material, prevents irritable rashes and ensures maximum comfort.
  • The crisscross channel prevents stuffiness and makes it suitable for a long journey with a hassle-free experience.
  • The extra absorbent MamyPoko Pants are adjustable, easy to use and dispose of.

Directions for Use

Diaper duty is an important element of the parenting journey, shifting into an easy procedure by designs that provide a happy experience to little ones in the house. MamyPoko Pants Extra Absorb Diapers are not just comfortable for your baby but also very easy to use.

  • After removing the dirty diaper, wipe the baby with water-based wipes or a clean wet towel.
  • Apply talcum powder to prevent rashes.
  • Make sure the baby’s skin is completely dried; it maximizes comfort and maintains hygiene.
  • MamyPoko Pant style diapers come with marks on the front and back, adjust, pull and it’s done.
  • Wrap and properly discard the dirty diaper in the trash bin.

Safety Information

  • Mamy Poko Pants Diaper is suitable for single use only.
  • Don’t flush the used dirty diaper.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Clean and dry baby’s skin before changing into a new diaper.
  • Read the instructions on the pack for better understanding.
  • Consult a paediatrician in case of any irritation or infection.


Q.1 How to select the perfect size of the diaper from MamyPoko Pant’s range?

Ans. Diapers for babies should be selected according to weight and not age. MamyPoko pants are available in a range of sizes from small to XXXL to meet your baby’s diaper needs.

Q.2 How long is it safe to use one diaper of MamyPoko Pant?

Ans. MamyPoko Pant Extra Absorb Diapers last for 10-12 hours without leakage or discomfort. It is suggested to check the comfort of the baby and excretion.

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