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Durex Extra Thin Packet Of 10 Condoms (Buy 2 Get 1 Free)

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Durex Extra Thin Condoms have been designed to offer safe and enjoyable intercourse. These thin condoms help delay ejaculation so that the fun and excitement lasts longer and brings you closer to your partner. These are made using lubricated natural rubber latex. You can get these condoms in a variety of textures, shapes and styles. What’s more? At the price of two Durex Extra Thin condom packs, you shall get three of them.


  • Durex Extra Thin Condom helps guard against unwanted pregnancy as it is thoroughly tested against breakage.
  • It lowers the chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.
  • It makes sexual intercourse more enjoyable and exciting.
  • Since it is super thin, it enables you to feel closer to your partner.
  • Durex condoms have a fresh aroma and are soft on the skin.
  • Durex extra thin price is quite reasonable. And when you opt for Durex Extra Thin packet of 10 condoms, you get three of them at the price of two thereby making the product all the more cost-effective.


  • Durex condoms are used to diminish the chances of conceiving.
  • The condoms by Durex India bar the possibility of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

How to Use

  • The condom must be worn on erect genital just before the intercourse.
  • You must keep the roll on the outside.

Safety Information

  • Durex condoms are meant for one-time use only. You must discard them after use.
  • Do not use the same piece more than once.
  • Store the condom pack in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Although it is highly unlikely, however, just in case the condom leaks then you must try other contraceptive methods within 72 hours.
  • Do not use the condom after the mentioned expiration date.


Q1. Is Durex Extra Thin Condom a better choice compared to the usual condoms? How?

Ans: Yes, Durex Extra Thin Condoms are better than the usual condoms. This is because it is crafted with an extra-thin latex layer that offers heightened sensitivity and brings you closer to your partner. And of course, it offers the needed protection.

Q2. Is Durex Extra Thin Condom effective in preventing pregnancy?

Ans: Yes, you can trust the Durex product to guard against unwanted pregnancy. The high-quality condoms have been tested thoroughly against breakage.

Q3. What material is used to prepare Durex Extra Thin Condom? Is it safe to use?

Ans: Durex Extra Thin Condom is made using high-quality lubricated natural rubber latex. The material is soothing and absolutely safe to use. However, just in case you are prone to any kind of allergy then it is suggested to seek advice from a medical professional before trying it.

Q4. Is there a possibility of leakage if I use Durex Extra Thin Condom?

Ans: Although the condom is tested properly against breakage, however, the possibility of leakage cannot be ruled out completely.

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