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Dr. Vaidya'S Amlapittavati | Ayurvedic Pills For Acidity | 24 Pills Each (Pack Of 3)

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Acidity can occur due to a variety of reasons, from dietary causes to GERD to gastrointestinal issues. Featuring several potent herbs, Dr. Vaidya’s Amlapittavati Pills ingredients work together to bring relief from acidity and soothe your system. Dr. Vaidya’s Amlapittavati Pills is an ayurvedic, traditionally inspired solution for stomach complications including indigestion and acid regulation.


  • Featuring Munakka that has a cooling, neutralising effect on stomach acid and Amla which regulates the production of gastric acid, this acidity solution comes packed with the goodness and effectiveness of nature's best.
  • Khartik and Jyesthimadhu in Dr. Vaidya’s Amlapittavati Pills benefit the digestive process by improving the production of digestive juices to enhance nutrient absorption as well as balancing the excessive acid in the stomach. This promotes and supports smoother and more comfortable digestion.
  • Dr. Vaidya’s Amlapittavati Pills uses 17 powerful herbal ingredients not only to balance acidity but also to reduce the risk of stomach ulcers and help regular digestion take place.
  • These ingredients have mild antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties while also being slightly laxative, thereby improving bowel movements.
  • Use under medical supervision and when taken regularly as per the recommended dosage, these ayurvedic pills can relieve acidity and its associated symptoms like heartburn, bloating, flatulence and abdominal pain.


Munnakka Ghan, Kamal Ghan, Jyesthimadhu Ghan, Kharek Ghan (Dry Khajoor), Anantmul Ghan, Valo Ghan, Amla Ghan, Nagarmotha Ghan, Tagar Ghan, Kababchini Ghan, Jayfal Ghan, Taj Ghan, Tejpatra Ghan, Elaichi Ghan, Nagkesar Ghan, Pimplimul Ghan, Dhania Ghan, Base QS.


Non-medicinal natural antacid pill used for providing relief from acidity and acidity related symptoms using ayurvedic ingredients.

How to Use

  • Follow the instructions of your physician.
  • Take 1 tablet, 3 times a day for those above 20 years of age.
  • It is recommended to take the pills after meals.
  • For best results, continue the course for a 1-month minimum.

Safety Information

  • For those under 20, please seek confirmation from your physician before taking these pills.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Check the expiry date before consuming the pills.


Q1. How many pills come in this pack?

Ans: This pack comes with 3 boxes of Dr. Vaidya’s Amlapittavati Pills, each box contains 24 pills.

Q2. Can it be given to children?

Ans: It is not recommended for children, this product is designed and suited for adults 20 years or older.

Q3. Is it a cure for acidity?

Ans: No, in general, antacids do not cure the root cause of acidity or acid reflux. Antacids (including this product) only help to provide relief from the symptoms of acidity.

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