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A set of internally used DND Bendy beads can bring exceptional anal pleasure. These beads are very durable, and the tip will not break when inserted into the anus. DND Bendy Beads are made of soft jelly-like material and are safe to use. They are equipped with a finger ring for easy disassembly. It is suitable for both men and women and can be used according to gender or sexual orientation. They are easy to clean and reuse.


  • The anal beads are made with high-quality silicone, perfectly fitting all sizes and providing extra pleasure.
  • If you want to prepare for your first anal sex, DND anal beads are a great way to experiment.
  • These beads have a flexible and convenient finger-loop, so when inserted into the anus, they produce a sense of satisfaction.
  • You can use the Bendy beads in the shower or even when using a water-based lubricant.
  • Buy DND Bendy Beads online at a reasonable price in India.


  • Both genders use them to arouse feelings.
  • The beads can be used in the shower because they are waterproof.
  • They are very suitable for beginners because your body will gradually adapt to the size.
  • These beads are reusable.

How to Use

  • Lubricate the Anal beads with a water-based lubricant and position yourself comfortably.
  • Use one hand to push the first anal bead inside you and the other hand to spread the anus.
  • When you are ready, insert more to get a complete experience.
  • Always ensure the anal beads you use have a handle/ring on the end to prevent them from slipping entirely inside you.
  • After use, wash the beads with warm water, then wipe dry with a damp cloth or tissue.

Safety Information

  • Read the label carefully before use.
  • Please keep this product out of the reach of children.
  • Store this product in a dry place.


Q 1. Do DND Bendy Beads have any side effects?

Ans. It does not have any noticeable side effects, but it takes a while to get used to these types of anal beads.

Q 2. Are anal beads comfortable to use?

Ans. Yes, DND Bendy Bead is made of high-quality silicone, flexible enough to fit any size comfortably.

Q 3. Is it suitable for beginners?

Ans. Yes, as your body gradually adapts to the size, these beads are perfect for beginners.

Q 4. Can this bead cause irritation on the skin?

Ans.  Not really, but insert it carefully. If irritation or discomfort occurs, please take appropriate measures, such as discontinuing the usage to avoid further injury.

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