Bella Tampo Super Easy Twist 16
Bella Tampo Super Easy Twist 16
Bella Tampo Super Easy Twist 16

Bella Tampo Super Easy Twist 16

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Bella Tampo Super Easy Twist 16 are premium quality hygiene products for ladies during menstruation. Gradually tampons have emerged as a more affordable and easy alternative for sanitary napkins. Tampons are a better solution for an everyday active, modern, running and busy life. The all-new easy twist system offers a quick and convenient opening of the tampon. Bella Tampo Super Easy Twists come with cottony soft non-woven material causing no irritation or itchiness. Tampons are entirely safe and provide immediate absorption.


  • Bella Tampo Super Easy Twist has 8 special channels and a top layer to prevent overnights leakage prevention.
  • The securing sting fixed with a special bond makes it super easy to remove the tampon after use.
  • Using Bella Tampo Super Easy Twist tampons allows one to play sports, practise swimming and perform other activities.
  • A higher absorption base at the top of the tampon provides better protection.
  • Bella Tampo Super Easy Twist are available in various sizes such as regular, mini, super and super plus. The supersize is recommended for heavy bleeding days.


  • Ladies can swim, practise sports, etc., during menstruation when using these tampons.
  • Bella Tampo Super Easy Twist 16 can be used for a long time as the soft cotton base causes no itchiness.

How to Use

  • Wash hands before using the product.
  • Take one tampon, twist it, open it and get it ready for use.
  • Relax your mind and body before inserting a tampon.
  • Put the index finger at the end of the tampon and hold it between your thumb and middle finger.
  • Aim it towards the lower back and insert it.
  • Make sure the string should hang down outside the body for easy removal.
  • If you can still feel the tampon inside, push it a bit farther.

Safety Information

  • Carefully read the instructions on the box.
  • Do not push a tampon straight upwards.
  • Do not wear a tampon for over 5 hours


Q 1. Do you need to remove the tampon while peeing?

Ans: No, you do not need to remove Bella Tampo Super Easy Twist when peeing as you pee from the urethra, whereas you insert the tampon in the vagina.

Q 2. What is the quantity of the product?

Ans: You will get 16 tampons in this pack.

Q 3. Can you use this at night?

Ans: Yes, you may use Bella Tampo Super Easy Twist for secure nights without any worries.

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