Baidyanath Sunidra Tablet 60

Baidyanath Sunidra Tablet 60

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Baidyanath Sunidra Tablets calm the mind by interfering with brain chemicals (GABA) that communicate information between nerve cells in the brain. These sleep prompting tablets provide sedative and sleep-enhancing properties. The tablets restore circadian rhythm and maintain daytime freshness. Baidyanath Sunidra Tablets composition makes it a safe choice in case of stress-related conditions that result in sleeplessness, anxiety and irritability.


  • Baidyanath Sunidra Tablets contain Ajwain, which is beneficial for people suffering from Insomnia. Insomnia is a case when people find it difficult to get sound sleep. It’s very hectic and disturbs your whole day. Ajwain calms the mind and gives you a restful sleep.
  • Brahmi or Bacopa is one such herb that supports a night of restful sleep, calms emotional turbulence and also helps improve concentration and alertness, while ashwagandha improves both sleep latency (falling asleep faster) and quality (deeper sleep) as it activates calming GABA receptors in the brain.
  • The combination of such powerful natural ingredients makes Baidyanath Sunidra Tablets extremely beneficial for those who suffer from troubled sleeping.
  • Known for its stress and anxiety-relieving properties, Baidyanath Sunidra Tablets act as a stress-buster and help to calm and relax the mind. It works as a relaxant, thereby improving the quality of sleep. It also reduces irritability due to sleeplessness.


  • Ajwain 40mg
  • Janamanis 40mg
  • Ashwagandha 80mg
  • Brahmi 20mg
  • Shankhapushpi 20 mg
  • Piplamool 20mg
  • Swarnamakshik Bhasma 300mg


Baidyanath Sunidra Tablet uses include helping you get a night of sound sleep and relieving the problems occurring due to disturbed sleep like headache, irritation, fatigue and reduce snoring.

How to Use

  • Take 1-2 tablets before bed daily or as directed by your physician.
  • Baidyanath Sunidra Tablets are advisable to be taken after meals.

Safety Information

  • The tablets are made from natural ingredients which might change colour without losing their effectiveness.
  • Not suitable for children below 18 years, even then, it has to be recommended by your physician.
  • Keep away from the reach of smaller children.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place away from moisture and sunlight.
  • Read the label carefully before use and do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.


Q1. Can Baidyanath Sunidra Tablets be taken with other supplements like Omega 3 fatty acids?

Yes, usually, these tablets do not cause any ill effects or counter-effect when consumed with other dietary supplements. However, it is best to consult your doctor if you take more than one supplement daily.

Q2. Is this medication habit-forming?

No, this medicine is not habit-forming. As the body adjusts to sleep with the help of these tablets, your doctor will gradually decrease the dosage and finally stop it when your body gets adjusted to the sleep cycle.

Q3. Are there any side effects of Baidyanath Sunidra Tables?

If consumed in the right dosage as prescribed, this tablet, formulated with natural ingredients, does not have any side effects.

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