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What are Sugar Substitutes?

Sugar Substitutes are artificial or plant-based substances used to sweeten or add flavour to food. They are also called artificial sweeteners. They are a healthier alternative to Sugar. They contain fewer calories. Some Sugar Substitutes contain zero calories. They are extremely beneficial to health. Sugar substitutes provide the same sweetness as sugar, sometimes even more.

What are Sugar Substitutes used for?

Sugar Substitutes are an ideal replacement for natural sugar. They provide the same taste while cutting down on calories. Daily use of sugar in various forms leads to a high intake of calories. This in turn leads to various health hazards. Sugar is also harmful to people with certain health conditions like diabetes. Zero-calorie Sugar Substitutes for Diabetics help diabetic people enjoy the same taste while posing no health hazard. Healthy Sugar substitutes can be used in place of sugar in any form and are always healthier than natural sugar.

Types of Sugar Substitutes

  • Functioning sweeteners: Functioning sweeteners are mainly alcohol sugars, polyols, rare sugars and bulking agents. Alcohol sugars are naturally occurring sweeteners in fruits and vegetables. The ones commonly used as sweeteners are sorbitol, mannitol and xylitol. Polyols are the most commonly used functioning sweeteners. They have reduced forms of carbohydrates.
  • Functioning sweeteners contain fewer calories but are also often less sweet. They are ideal for people with diabetes or with dental cavities. They are commonly used in manufactured food products.
  • Natural Sweeteners: Natural sweeteners are Sugar Substitutes that are mainly extracted from plants. The stevia Sugar substitute is one such Natural sweetener that has been approved by the FDA. They are low in calories and a very useful alternative to sugar.
  • Artificial Sweeteners: Artificial Sweeteners are chemically produced alternatives to sugar. They do not occur naturally. Most artificial sweeteners are many times sweeter than sugar, thus they can be used in lower quantities. An example of this is Aspartame, which is 200 times sweeter than sugar. saccharin, acesulfame, neotame and sucralose are other such artificial sweeteners.
  • Some sweeteners are hard to regulate due to their varying natures and the multiple ways in which they can be prepared.

Best Sugar Substitutes available in India

There are some top brands selling sugar substitutes in India. Sugar Free Green Stevia Powder is one of the most common ones. LivEasy sugar substitutes, Sugar Fighter Stevia Tablets are other top sugar substitutes available in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Artificial Sweeteners help in weight loss?

Artificial Sweeteners help in weight management by providing a similar taste with fewer calories. However, the use of Sugar Substitutes alone rarely impacts weight loss. Other factors like Regular exercise and a balanced diet is equally necessary.

Are sugar substitutes safe?

Research has shown FDA approved sugar substitutes are safe to consume in moderation. Also, Stevia, fruit extracts and Sugar alcohols are considered safe.

What is the best Sugar Substitute?

Stevia is considered the safest Sugar substitute. It is followed by xylitol, erythritol, and yacon syrup. Natural sweeteners like maple syrup and honey are less harmful than sugar and provide certain health benefits.

Are sugar substitutes safe to consume in high quantities?

No, Sugar substitutes, though safer than sugar, should not be consumed in large quantities. It may pose health problems.
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