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Brief Description of Baby Food

Baby food is manufactured to provide all-round nourishment to the babies. Pureed fruits and vegetables form a part of this special food. It also contains the goodness of cereals and pulses. Different baby food products are available to cater to the need of babies belonging to different age groups. You will see these labelled as 6-month baby food, 10 months and so on. The products available for older babies contain soft chewable pieces prepared with the aforementioned ingredients.

What is Baby Food used for?

Baby food is loaded with all the essential micronutrients that aid in the proper growth and development of the babies. This special food should form a part of the daily diet of the babies to ensure good mental and physical health. It comes in various flavours and is appealing to the taste buds. Thus, even fussy eaters do not resist eating it.

Top Baby Food Brands & USPs

Baby food is available by various brands. Some of the best ones include Nestle, Similac, Dexolac, Farex, Aptamil, and Pediasure. Their products are loved owing to their nutritious value and delicious taste. While choosing these products, one must be very particular about laying hands at the products matching the baby’s age group. For instance, 8-month baby food must not be given to a 6-month-old as he wouldn’t be able to digest it.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should solids be introduced for babies?

While some parents start giving solids in mashed form as the baby turns 3 months old, most paediatricians suggest these food times should be introduced when the baby completes 6 months.

Is it a good idea to feed the baby with packaged baby food available in the market?

Yes, it is a good idea to feed the baby with packaged baby food available in the market. It is highly recommended to do so for the proper growth of the babies.

What all should form a part of a 6-month baby food chart?

As a baby completes 6 months, parents must introduce mashed potatoes, pureed papaya, mashed banana, bottle gourd soup, dal rice khichdi and pureed apple. Packaged baby food available for 6-month-old must also be introduced to ensure the baby gets all the essential nutrients.

Can the babies be fed packaged baby food for dinner?

Yes, they can very well have it at dinner. However, if you are introducing a new product, then it is recommended to give it in the morning or afternoon so that you can observe how their body reacts to it.
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