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Johnson'S Baby Nappy Pads - 10'S

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The Johnson’s Baby Nappy Pads are specialised diapers for infants that are highly absorbent and easier to use. These Johnson’s Pads benefit infants by helping them enjoy a comfortable and restful night’s sleep. Since these pads are made from a super-breathable cotton-like fabric, there are no side effects of the Johnson’s Baby Nappy Pads and are suitable for babies with all skin types. These nappy pads are available in different sizes and numbers, making them a versatile choice for new parents and their little ones.


  • These nappy pads are made from a highly stretchable material that ensures it is easy to put on and dispose of whenever needed.
  • With their highly absorbent fabric, the Johnson’s Baby Nappy Pads help lock in moisture effectively so that your baby has a relaxing and dry experience whenever wearing them.
  • Moreover, the benefits of Johnson’s Baby Nappy Pads are that it does not irritate your infants gentle and delicate skin in any way.
  • These nappy pads’ adhesive quality is superior, making them easy to attach and preventing the nappy pads from falling off due to excess movement.


  • The uses of the Johnson’s Baby Nappy Pads include keeping your infant dry and comfortable.
  • These pads also ensure that your child can go about their daily activities without any restrictions in mobility.

How to Use

  • Spread out the nappy cloth.
  • Peel the paper off the sticking band.
  • Position the nappy pad centrally on the nappy area.
  • Finally, wrap and secure the cloth nappy as usual.

Safety Information

  • Store Johnson’s Baby Nappy Pads in a dry and hygienic place.
  • Keep away from children to avoid choking hazards.
  • Read the instructions on the label before using it.


Q 1. Till what age can you use these nappy pads for a baby?

Ans: The Johnson’s Baby Nappy Pads can be used on your baby as long as they wear nappies or diapers.

Q 2. What to do if a baby develops diaper rashes after using these nappies?

Ans: The Johnson’s Baby Nappy Pads are built such that it does not allow for the development of diaper rashes.

Q 3. How do you know the nappy pad has become saturated with liquid?

Ans: Although there is no visible wetness indicator, you can easily understand by checking whether the cloth nappy is moist and soggy.

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