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Sirona Heavy Flow Organic Tampons Made With 100% Organic Cotton, Non-Applicator Tampons - 18 Pcs

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Sirona Heavy Flow Organic Tampons are designed to be easily inserted during menstruation and absorb the menstrual flow. They are made up of a compressed layer of highly absorbent fibres. These tampons are individually packed and it opens with a single twist-turn to save the tampon from any deformity.

Sirona Heavy Flow Organic Tampons are made using 100% Organic Cotton which is highly absorbent. The presence of eight channels allows even expansion of the menstrual flow, which boosts its absorptive capacity and protects you from leakage, stain or odour.


  • Sirona Heavy Flow Organic Tampons are made of absorbent natural fibres that soak all the blood flow and give smooth and comfortable wear.
  • These tampons have been made for heavy flow days and this is where its drip-proof design comes in handy, which prevents your clothes from getting stained. They are perfect for women who experience medium to heavy flow during periods. With 100% protection from staining and menstrual odour, these tampons protect for up to 7 hours.
  • Sirona Tampons are designed to be easily inserted into the vulva during menstruation & absorb the menstrual flow with its 8 channel even expansion technique. Wear anything you want and go anywhere you want with Sirona 100% Organic Cotton Tampon. Sirona offers the benefit of invisible protection and helps keep your period private.
  • Sirona Heavy Flow Organic Tampons allow complete freedom of movement. So, dance freely without any worries of stains, leakage or wet sensation during your periods.
  • Swimming during your periods wearing sanitary pads is not possible. With Sirona Heavy Flow Organic Tampons, you can dive right into the pool.


  • Sirona Heavy Flow Organic Tampons uses include: keeping your period days private by providing no leakage, no itching, no irritation or staining of clothes. It allows you the freedom to sleep, swim or do anything all day without having to worry about period problems.

How To Use

  • Sit on the toilet and using your thumb and middle finger hold the tampon at its grip at the centre.
  • Placing your index finger at the end of the tube where the string comes out, slide the thick applicator tip into your vagina, aiming towards the back at a 45° angle.
  • Keep pushing until the plunger comfortably goes all the way into the barrel.
  • Gently pull out the applicator and throw it in a bin. The tampon is now inside, with only the string hanging outside.

Safety Information

  • Keep it away from the reach of children.
  • Do not flush the tampon after use.
  • Discard it carefully in the dustbin.


Q 1. Are Sirona tampons available for medium flow?

Ans. Yes, Sirona regular and medium flow tampons are available as well.

Q 2. What are the benefits of Sirona Heavy Flow Organic Tampons over sanitary pads?

Ans. Tampons prevent odour, staining and leakage that sanitary pads cannot do effectively.

Q 3. Will Sirona Heavy Flow Organic Tampons cause rashes?

Ans. They are made of 100% organic cotton that will help prevent rashes or irritation.

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Slovenia, Sierra Leone

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