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Unlike adults, babies have very delicate, sensitive bodies and for the same reason, oils and lotions meant for adults will not do the job fairly on babies. Moreover, babies are developing constantly, so they need oils enriched with the right minerals and nutrients for healthy nourishment. Johnson’s Baby Oil is a trusted daughter brand of Johnson & Johnson, which has been making tested baby cosmetics and baby skincare products for more than a century now. These oils are rich in Vitamin E that is very good for newborns. Massages are very critical for infants. During this activity, the baby gradually grows accustomed to the parent’s touch and develops a sense of attachment with this stimulation. When this oil is gently massaged on the body, its goodness does wonders on the baby’s body.


  • This is a baby-friendly oil product.
  • It is clinically proven that this oil is mild and irritation-free.
  • Makes the baby feel comfortable and agile, which helps in his/her growth.
  • The gentle formula used in the oil helps in nourishing the skin, making it soft and supple.
  • This oil is non-sticky and safe on the baby’s body.
  • Mildly fragrant and soothing for the infant.
  • It has been tested by dermatologists for allergies and hence, is safe to use the oil on a baby’s delicate skin.


  • Mineral Oil
  • Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E Acetate)
  • Fragrance


Johnson’s Baby Oil is gentle on the skin. Vitamin E in this baby-friendly formula nourishes the skin from within and makes it smooth and healthy. Massages with this oil help the baby grow better.

How to Use

Pour a few drops of the baby oil onto your palms and apply and massage it gently onto the baby’s body in a circular motion. The product will be more effective if applied before every bath.

Safety Information

  • For external use only, intake of the product is forbidden.
  • If the oil causes any kind of skin irritation, discontinue using the product and visit a dermatologist.
  • Read the label carefully before applying the product.
  • Should be kept away from children’s reach.


Q1. Is the oil sticky?

Ans: No, this oil is not sticky. Since baby skins are very delicate and are prone to allergies and irritation, this oil takes care of that and is healthy overall.

Q2. Is the product fragrant?

Ans: Yes, the product is very mildly fragrant. It is not too fragrant so that the baby stays healthy and irritation-free.

Q3. Can this product cause allergies?

Ans: The product should ideally not cause any allergies as it is meant for the delicate skin of babies, but if allergies occur, immediately consult a dermatologist.

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