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Cefix 200mg Tab
Cefix 200mg Tab
Cefix 200mg Tab
Cefix 200mg Tab
Cefix 200mg Tab

Cefix 200mg Tab

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Cefixime(200.0 Mg)
Therapeutic classification

Medical Description

Cefix 200mg Tab is a type of broad-spectrum antibiotic that belongs to the group of a third-generation cephalosporins. It is obtained from a marine fungus called Cephalosporium acremonium. The generic name of Cefix 200mg Tab is cefixime.
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Uses of Cefix 200mg Tab

The uses of Cefix 200mg Tab are for effectively treating bacterial infections like bronchitis (infection of the air passage upto lungs), sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhoea and infections of the throat, tonsils, ears and the urinary tract. It is ineffective against viral infections like cold and flu.
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Contraindications of Cefix 200mg Tab

This medicine is not advised in patients having renal failure, allergic to this medicine or its constituents and in older people with kidney disorders.

Side effects of Cefix 200mg Tab

The side effects of Cefix 200mg Tab are diarrhoea, pain in the stomach, nausea or vomiting, vaginal discharge, heartburn and gas. You need doctor's consult as early as possible, if you experience severe side effects like rashes, itching, wheezing, swelling of face and throat; swollen legs with reduced urination suggesting kidneys damage; convulsions; fever and sore throat and bleeding gums; Stevens–Johnson syndrome (in which there is blister formation or bleeding of the skin near lips, eyes, nose, mouth, and genitals); liver damage leading to yellowish skin, eyes, fatigue and reduced appetite; "Erythema Multiforme" (in which common skin rashes with red ring formation having a pale centre are formed, which are itchy, scaly or filled with fluids); and "Pseudomembranous colitis" (a condition in which patient exhibits severe watery diarrhoea with fever).
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Precautions and Warnings of Cefix 200mg Tab


Can I take Cefix 200mg Tab during pregnancy?
This medicine is not supposed to be taken during pregnancy or if you are planning to conceive. Inform your doctor immediately if you happen to become pregnant while taking this medicine. He/she will suggest the alternatives or regulate the dosage of Cefix 200mg Tab.

Breast Feeding

Can I take Cefix 200mg Tab while breastfeeding?
Inform your doctor if you are breastfeeding since it is not clear whether Cefix 200mg Tab passes through the breastmilk to the infant.


Can I drive if I have consumed Cefix 200mg Tab?
The administration of this medicine can cause drowsiness, fits and convulsion; so it is best to avoid driving after consuming it.


Can I consume alcohol with Cefix 200mg Tab?
There is no reported interactions between this medicinal tablet and alcohol.

Other General Warnings

Talk to your doctor if
Cefix 200mg Tab may reduce the effect of live vaccines like typhoid vaccination. So, consult your doctor before taking the vaccination during its prescription.

Mode of Action of Cefix 200mg Tab

How Does It Work?

It possesses antibacterial activity by which its inhibits the synthesis of the bacterial cell wall, further resulting into lysis (breakage) of the bacterial cells. It is highly effective against gram-negative bacteria.
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Directions for Use of Cefix 200mg Tab

Cefix 200mg Tab should be consumed in the exact dose as advised by the doctor. While treating gonorrhoea, it is taken as a single dose. This medicine should be taken at the same particular time in a day.
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Interactions of Cefix 200mg Tab

Interactions with other medicines

Antacids, like ranitidine, cimetidine, etc., are known to reduce the absorption of this medicinal tablet. So, your doctor should know if you are taking any antacids or if you are on blood thinners like warfarin.
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Interactions with food items

It can be taken with or without food; since there is no marked interaction with food. It is recommended to take this medicinal tablet with food or within 30 minutes of having meals.

Other general Interactions

Since the chewable tablet may contain aspartame, it is not advised if you have phenylketonuria (a condition where there is a decrease in the metabolism of a specific type of amino acid known as phenylalanine) which needs to control aspartame levels.
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Storage and disposal of Cefix 200mg Tab

This medicinal tablet should be kept at room temperature (below 25°C) away from moisture, direct heat and children. Dispose of the excess medicine in such a way that pets, children or any person cannot consume it. You should not flush it down the toilet either. Talk to your pharmacist or garbage department for a medicine take-back programmes.
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Dosage of Cefix 200mg Tab


Overdose of Cefix 200mg Tab can lead to nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, and stomach pain. In severe cases of overdose, an individual may exhibit symptoms like seizures, breathlessness and fainting.

Missed a Dose

On missing the dose, take it as soon as you realize it. But if it is time for the next scheduled dose, then skip the missed one. Do not take an extra dose to compensate for the missed one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: What information should I tell my healthcare provider before consuming this medicine?

A: You should inform your doctor about your complete medical and surgical history such as ailments of kidneys and liver. Tell your doctor if you wish to conceive or already are pregnant before taking this medicine.

Q: How should I take this medicine?

A: Cefix 200mg Tab should be precisely consumed in the way advised by your doctor. Chewable tablets should be chewed before swallowing. Take this medicine with meals or within 30 minutes of having the meals.

Q: Is Cefix 200mg Tab safe to use in kidney patients?

A: Effects of a single dose of cefixime 200 mg were studied in 6 healthy people and 22 patients of renal diseases. The study concluded that this medicine needs to be avoided in patients with kidneys ailments.

Q: How long can I take this medicine?

A: Your doctor will provide you information regarding the duration and dosage of this medicine. Usually, it will be from 7 to 14 days.

Q: Is cefixime safe for infants?

A: It is widely and safely used in children for treating several bacterial infections.
Last Updated on: 15 Aug 2020 | 07:40 AM (IST)
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