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The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Kit from Nexus Biotech is a highly beneficial product in today’s world and it is indeed the need of the hour. Nexus Biotech is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, traders and exporters of Pharmaceutical Products. Their products are processed, using the finest quality raw materials and are in conformation with the prevailing international standards.

The PPE Kit acts as a mechanical barrier and prevents the wearer’s body from coming into contact with any infectious materials such as viral and bacterial contaminants, thereby preventing infection. It provides protection against many workplace hazards and enables the health workers to provide optimal care to patients with maximum ease. It ensures a comfortable fit for all-day-long wear.

This PPE Kit consists of a non-woven disposable coverall with hood, shoe covers, safety goggles, a face shield, a 3 ply mask, safety nitrile gloves and a garbage bag.


  • The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Kit forms a mechanical barrier between the wearer’s body and any potential infectious agents such as bacteria or viruses.
  • It stops the transmission of infections by preventing the wearer’s skin and mucous membranes from coming into contact with bacterial and viral contaminants.
  • It is highly beneficial against many workplace hazards.
  • It is an ideal option for healthcare workers.
  • It provides a comfortable fit while ensuring complete safety.
  • The product conforms to the highest international standards of quality.


Each PPE Kit consists of:

  • Non-woven Disposable Coverall With Hood
  • Shoe Covers
  • Safety Goggles
  • Face Shield
  • 3 Ply Mask
  • Safety Nitrile Gloves
  • Garbage Bag


  • It is beneficial for healthcare workers to use in hospitals and labs, to prevent infection.
  • It gives protection against many workplace hazards.
  • It provides comfort for all-day wear, while also ensuring the highest safety.
  • The materials used are skin-friendly.
  • The PPE Kit may also protect patients who are at high risk for contracting infections through surgical procedures or are immunodeficient.

How to Use

  • Perform hand hygiene steps.
  • Put on the shoe covers.
  • Put on the non-woven disposable coverall.
  • Put on the mask.
  • Put on the safety goggles.
  • Put on gloves.

Safety information

  • The dressing and undressing of PPE should be supervised by another trained member of the team.
  • Avoid touching or adjusting PPE after wearing.
  • Remove gloves if they become torn or damaged.
  • Perform hand hygiene before putting on new gloves.
  • Change gloves after every clinical procedure.


Q1: Can the PPE Kit be reused?

Ans: In general, most PPE Kits are designed to be used only one time and by one person prior to disposal. There are some exceptions such as certain types of elastomeric respirator masks and goggles that may be reused if the user follows decontamination methods in the product labelling.

Q2: Can the PPE Kit be washed?

Ans: No, the PPE kit is designed to be used only one time and by one person; it cannot be washed. Washing PPE changes its protective or barrier capabilities and it may no longer be effective.

Q3: How often should healthcare professionals change their PPE Kits?

Ans: The PPE Kit must be changed after every time with a different patient or after every clinical procedure.

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