Huggies New Dry Small Size Diapers (2 Count)

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The main benefit of Huggies Dry Tape Diapers is to provide the baby with immense comfort and dryness. These diapers have a tremendous absorption capacity to provide comfort to a baby for a long time. Your baby can sleep all night comfortably with these diapers on. The quick lock system keeps your baby’s skin away from any kind of wetness. Moreover, the composition of Huggies Dry Tape Diapers involves a Blue speed dry layer that facilitates rapid absorption of any moisture.


  • Huggies Dry Tape Diapers provide overnight dryness to the baby.
  • Comprises air fresh material that does not block the airflow.
  • Instant absorption thanks to the Blue speed dry layer.
  • Unique quick-lock system to block any type of wetness.


  • Cellulose fibre
  • Synthetic rubber
  • Polyester
  • Polyacrylate


  • Huggies Dry Tape Diapers trap baby’s waste matter.
  • Used to effectively and instantly absorb any wetness.
  • They are ideal in preventing any leakage of waste material of the baby.

How to Use

  • Open the leg guards properly by stretching the Huggies Dry Tape Diapers.
  • Using one hand, hold the diaper firmly.
  • One by one, apply the side tapes.
  • Check whether the tapes are not excessively tight or loose and adjust accordingly.

Safety Information

  • Keep these tape diapers away from toddlers.
  • Discard these diapers after usage. Never use them multiple times.
  • Use Huggies Dry Tape Diapers for external purposes only.


Q 1. Do Huggies Dry Tape Diapers leave any rashes?
Ans: These dry tape diapers leave no rashes on the baby’s skin. There are no side effects of Huggies Dry Tape Diapers.

Q 2. Can these dry tape diapers be flushed after usage?
Ans: Never flush Huggies Dry Tape Diapers as it can lead to sewer blockage problems. If you want to dispose of them, do so in the garbage.

Q 3. Are Huggies Dry Tape Diapers suitable for adults?
Ans: Some adults may require diapers due to disability or old age or disease. However, one must only buy Huggies Dry Tape Diapers for kids. For disabled adults, you must try some other alternatives.

Q 4. Can both boys and girls use these dry tape diapers?
Ans: The Huggies Dry Tape Diapers are suitable for both baby boys and baby girls. It is a gender-neutral product.

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