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Stop-Nic 2mg Nicotine Gums (5 Blister Pack) Box Of 50 'S

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Stop NIC-2MG Nicotine Gums is a chewable gum consisting of nicotine. Nicotine is used by smokers or tobacco to help them quit cigarettes or tobacco consumption. The gums work on the well-established and clinically proven principle of Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Stop NIC-2MG Nicotine Gum helps reduce intense cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with cigarette or tobacco chewing.


  • Stop NIC-2MG Nicotine Gums can help a person quit smoking in 12 weeks.
  • Stop NIC-2MG Nicotine Gums works on the clinically proven technique of 'Nicotine Replacement Therapy to help you quit smoking.
  • The gum is available in a sugar-free, mint flavour to give you a refreshing aftertaste.


  • Nicotine 


  • Aids in Nicotine Replacement Therapy to quit smoking habit.
  • It helps in reducing the withdrawal symptoms and discomfort of smoking so that the patient experiences reduced pain.

How to Use

  • Chew the Stop NIC-2MG Nicotine Gum until you feel the nicotine taste.
  • Once you can taste the nicotine in the gum, park it on the side of your cheek. The nicotine needs to be absorbed through the cheek.
  • Begin chewing again once the taste fades.
  • Repeat until you can no longer taste the nicotine.

Safety Information

  • Stop NIC-2MG Nicotine Gums is not advisable for children and adolescents below the age of 18.
  • Read the contents of the package carefully before use.
  • Stop NIC-2MG Nicotine Gums can be used by people who smoke not more than 20 cigarettes a day.
  • Consult a doctor before using this product.
  • Avoid eating or drinking 15 mins before or after using Stop NIC Nicotine Gums.
  • Do not chew while wearing removable dentures.
  • Do not consume more than 24 gums in a day.


Q 1. In what condition should one avoid consuming Stop NIC-2MG Nicotine Gums?
Patients suffering from cardiac disorders, diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases, liver problems should avoid Stop NIC-2MG Nicotine Gums.

Q 2. Can we use Stop NIC-2MG Nicotine Gums as a mouth freshener?
No, it contains nicotine. Hence, it is advised to use it only after consulting a doctor.

Q 3. Does Stop NIC-2MG Nicotine Gums subside the withdrawal symptoms completely?
It does not entirely subside but reduces the withdrawal symptoms that you feel after quitting smoking.

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