Sanity Regular Applicator Tampons - Pack Of 10
Sanity Regular Applicator Tampons - Pack Of 10
Sanity Regular Applicator Tampons - Pack Of 10
Sanity Regular Applicator Tampons - Pack Of 10
Sanity Regular Applicator Tampons - Pack Of 10
Sanity Regular Applicator Tampons - Pack Of 10

Sanity Regular Applicator Tampons - Pack Of 10

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Sanity Regular Applicator Tampons offer safe and hassle-free protection during periods by preventing leakages. These tampons are easy to use, have a remarkable absorbing capacity and carry while travelling with minimum essentials. Unlike sanitary pads, these tampons can fit conveniently in your pockets if you are travelling.

Sanity Regular Applicator Tampons have hygienic material to protect your delicate skin. You can keep stains and rashes at bay by using Sanity tampons regularly. Sanity tampons enable participation in all physical activities, like exercises and swimming. Working women can continue to attend office and other appointments during periods by using Sanity tampons.


  • High absorbing capacity.
  • Facilitate ease of movement.
  • Effective prevention of leakages.
  • Sanity Regular Applicator Tampons arrests foul odour.
  • Prevent staining on clothes.
  • Free from irritation and rashes.
  • Enable use of any underwear.
  • Convenient to carry.


  • High-quality viscose fibres


  • Prevention of leakage during periods.
  • To avoid staining and facilitate ease of movement.

How to Use

Placing the tampon inside the vagina:

  • Thoroughly wash hands and remove Sanity Regular Applicator Tampons from the wrapper.
  • Keeping the removal cord in a hanging position, pull out the inner tube till you hear a click.
  • Use your thumb and finger to hold the applicator at grooved rings.
  • Place the rounded end of the applicator near the mouth of the vagina.
  • Slide the applicator inside gently.
  • Push the inner tube inside while holding the outer tube.
  • Remove both cylinders by keeping the cord hanging out.
  • Dispose of the wrapper and tubes.

Taking off the used tampon

  • Gently pull the cord out after four to six hours.
  • Use waste bins for disposal.

Safety Information

  • Read the leaflet and instructions well before use.
  • Do not flush the used tampons into the toilet, as this may block the plumbing lines.
  • A tampon may fall out if you apply force while passing stools.
  • Hold the cord away while peeing to avoid contamination of the cord.


Q 1.  Are there Sanity Regular Applicator Tampons with different absorption levels?
Yes, there are different Sanity Regular Applicator Tampons available based on their absorption labels:

  • Light tampons – to absorb up to 6 gm of menstrual blood.
  • Regular tampons – to absorb 6 gm to 9 gm of menstrual blood.
  • Super tampons- Ideal for moderately heavy flow and absorb about 9 to 12 gm of menstrual blood.
  • Super Plus tampons- Suitable for heavy flow as these tampons absorb about 12 to 15 gm of menstrual blood.

Q 2. Can a Sanity Regular Applicator Tampon hurt during insertion?
Sanity tampons do not hurt or cause any injuries. Follow the correct technique of using Sanity tampons as per instructions.

Q 3. Is peeing possible with a tampon inside?
Menstrual blood and urine follow different routes of discharge. Peeing is possible with a tampon inside.

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