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Mother'S Horlicks Nutrition Drink Bottle Of 500 G

This product is discontinued
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It is absolutely essential to get the right nutrition during pregnancy for the mother’s health and baby’s growth. Often, the daily diet of the mother does not suffice. Mother’s Horlicks is a scientifically designed supplementary health drink that provides the soon-to-be mother tailor-made nutrition for healthy pregnancy and lactation. The 25 vital nutrients present in Mother’s Horlicks provide essential nutrition for both the mother and baby. The newborn baby is dependent completely on the mother’s milk during the first six months after birth for their nutrition. Thus, the mother must have enough nutrients for her to nourish the baby adequately along with her own needs. Mother’s Horlicks provides essential micronutrients that are necessary for the mother’s health and the baby’s growth.


  • Mother’s Horlicks is scientifically designed to provide all the micronutrients, proteins and energy requirements that mothers may not receive in their daily diet.
  • It contains essential micronutrients (Vitamin B2, B12 and C for pregnancy and Vitamin B2, Iron and Folic Acid for lactation) and proteins that are known to help maintain the healthy birth weight of the baby.
  • It contains DHA and choline that enhances the brain development of the baby and some much-needed calories to help meet the greater energy demands during pregnancy.
  • It does not contain any added sugar.
  • It comes in delicious flavours.


  • Milk Solids (59%)
  • Corn Solids (Hydrolyzed)
  • Cereal Extract (3%)
  • Minerals
  • Nature Identical Flavouring Substances
  • Vitamins
  • DHA Powder
  • Edible Vegetable Oil (palm kernel oil)
  • Natural Colour [INS 100(i)]


Mother’s Horlicks is a health drink for pregnant and lactating mothers that provides them with all the essential nutrients they need for a healthy pregnancy and lactation, as well for the healthy growth of the baby during the first six months when they are completely dependent on the mother’s milk.

How to Use

  • Take 200ml of hot or cold milk.
  • Add 3 heaped teaspoonfuls (25g) of Mother’s Horlicks.
  • Stir briskly to mix well and add sugar if necessary.

Safety Information

  • Keep it in a cool and dry place.
  • Close the container tightly after use.


Q1. How frequently should I have it?

Ans: It is recommended to have approximately 25 gm thrice a day.

Q3. Can I have it with water?

Ans: Yes, Mother’s Horlicks can be consumed with hot or cold milk as well as water. Do not consume it with juices, soups, etc.

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