Mamypoko Pants Extra Absorb Diaper - Large Size, Pack Of 128 Diapers

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MamyPoko Pants are pant style diapers that are designed for your active baby’s optimal comfort. The diaper can absorb up to 7 glasses of water due to the presence of crisscross absorbance sheets. These sheets also help in the equal spreading of the urine that, in turn, does not make the diaper heavy. MamyPoko Pants also have stretchable thigh support that helps prevent leakage for long hours, giving your baby a full night’s sleep.


  • A crisscross absorbance sheet prevents the accumulation of fluid.
  • Breathable soft cotton-like cover to prevent skin irritation and rashes.
  • Presence of all-round elastic band that feels gentle on skin.
  • Helps in the absorption of up to 7 glasses of urine without making the diaper heavy.
  • Presence of a cute Pokochan design.


  • Cotton


  • Helps to provide up to 12-hour protection from leakage.
  • Allows passage of humidity so that the diaper does not feel stuffy, hence the diaper is suitable for long-term usage.
  • Keeps the child comfortable and fresh for longer hours.

How to Use

  • To wear, pull up the diaper just like pants.
  • Tear off both the sides of the diaper to remove after use when the diaper is full.
  • Wipe the baby clean before putting another diaper on them.

Safety Information

  • In case of irritation, the use of the diaper should be discontinued.
  • In case of the appearance of rashes, the parents should consult a doctor.


Q1. What factors should be considered when buying MamyPoko Pants?

Ans. The weight of the baby should be considered while buying it. In case of any confusion, customers can refer to the size chart given on the official website.

Q2. How to ensure the originality of the product?

Ans. They are available only on selected e-commerce sites and registered retailers. Customers can get in touch with customer care authorities in case of any queries related to the product.

Q3 Can the diaper cause harm to the physical or genital growth of the baby?

Ans. The diaper does not cause any harm to the physical or genital growth of the baby. The diaper helps the baby to get a good sleep and maintain overall hygiene.

Q4. Is it safe to use MamyPoko Pants all day?

Ans. The diaper should be changed every 10-12 hours to prevent infection and to maintain hygiene.

Q5. What is the safe way to dispose off the diaper?

Ans. The diaper must be thrown into the dustbin only after it is wrapped with a newspaper. The diaper should be disposed off by flushing as it can lead to clogging of the drain.

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