Gillette Vector Plus Manual Shaving Razor Blades (Cartridge) 2 Pieces
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Gillette Vector Plus Manual Shaving Razor Blades (Cartridge) 2 Pieces

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Gillette Vector Plus Manual Shaving Razor Blades come with twin blades that shave two times efficiently with each stroke, allowing a faster shave than a double edge blade. It is the best alternative to unpleasant repeat strokes. When wet, the lubricating strip on the Gillette blade activates, reducing skin irritation and pulling for a smoother, more comfortable shave.


  • Gillette Vector Razor Blades blades are self-adjusting.
  • The pivoting head adjusts automatically.
  • The dual blade system aids in achieving a clean shave.
  • The blade stabiliser allows the blades to adapt to a man's facial curves while maintaining proper blade spacing for comfort.
  • The comfort guard keeps excess shaving cream away from the skin, allowing for better blade contact and a closer, more comfortable shave.
  • The mineral oil and lubricants in the Gillette Vector Plus Razor Blades Lubrastrip allow the razor to glide easily across the skin, even during repeated strokes.


  • Martensitic stainless steel
  • Chromium
  • Carbon
  • Iron and trace elements


  • Gillette razor blades make shaving two times faster.
  • The twin blade system aids a clean shave.
  • Aloe and lubricants in the comfort strip do not rip off the moisture from the skin. Keep the skin soft.

How to Use

  • Attach the blades to the Gillette razor.
  • To soften your skin and beard before shaving, wet it.
  • After that, shave with a cream or gel.
  • Shave in the direction of your hair's natural growth.
  • Best to use light, soft strokes.
  • Give the razor a good rinse after each swipe.
  • Use a moisturiser or aftershave after shaving.

Safety Information

  • Before storing the blades, make sure they're completely dry.
  • Dull razor blades should be avoided.
  • If you get a cut, use an antiseptic lotion or ointment.
  • Keep away from children.


Q1.  How many times can one use a Gillette Vector Plus Blade?

Ans: Gillette suggests 5-7 shaves, but this is just a guideline; the number of shaves one needs depends on the thickness and density of their facial hair.

Q2. Is Gillette Vector Plus Manual Shaving Razor Blades for newbies?

Ans: Yes, the shaver is designed to provide a close, smooth shave that captures nearly every hair. It is the most suitable razor for beginners.

Q3. Is the Gillette Vector Plus a decent product?

Ans: Yes, for a superior shave, the Gillette Vector Plus is a decent alternative to some of the contemporary cartridge razors.

Q4.  How can one get rid of razor bumps quickly?

Ans: As soon as one sees razor bumps, one should splash cold water on them to constrict pores and soothe the skin.

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