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Maxiflo 250mcg Box Of 30 Rotacaps
Maxiflo 250mcg Box Of 30 Rotacaps
Maxiflo 250mcg Box Of 30 Rotacaps
Maxiflo 250mcg Box Of 30 Rotacaps
Maxiflo 250mcg Box Of 30 Rotacaps
Maxiflo 250mcg Box Of 30 Rotacaps
Maxiflo 250mcg Box Of 30 Rotacaps
Maxiflo 250mcg Box Of 30 Rotacaps

Maxiflo 250mcg Box Of 30 Rotacaps

30 Rotacap(s) in Box
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Maxiflo 250mcg Box Of 30 Rotacaps Description

Maxiflo rotacaps are capsules containing powdered medication that are used in inhalers in asthma treatment. When the patient breathes through the inhaler, the rotacaps release the medicine which is i

nhaled and reaches the airways faster. Maxiflo contains the active medicines fluticasone and formoterol.


Product Summary

Offer Price₹375.75
You Save₹76.96 (17% on MRP)
ContainsFluticasone(250.0 Mcg) + Formoterol(6.0 Mcg)
UsesPrevent breathing problems in asthma, supportive asthma care
Side effectsShortness of breath, swelling of face, rashes, increased wheezing, decreased appetite
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Uses of Maxiflo 250mcg Box Of 30 Rotacaps

  • To prevent breathing problems in asthma patients like breathless or wheezing

Contraindications of Maxiflo 250mcg Box Of 30 Rotacaps

  • Allergy to fluticasone, formoterol, or other contents of the medicine
  • Pregnancy
  • Children under the age of 5 years

Side effects of Maxiflo 250mcg Box Of 30 Rotacaps

  • Shortness of breath
  • Swelling of eyelids, face
  • Rash
  • Immediate increase in wheezing
  • Low blood pressure
  • Nausea

Precautions and Warnings of Maxiflo 250mcg Box Of 30 Rotacaps



Is taking Maxiflo safe during pregnancy?
Animal studies have shown toxicity to foetus but the same has not been established in humans. Hence, it should only be used at lowest possible dose only if the benefit is greater than the risk associated. Your doctor will be able to assess your need correctly.

Breast Feeding

Is it okay to take Maxiflo when I'm breastfeeding?
It is not clear if the medicine appears in the human breast milk. Thus, the doctor will decide whether or not Maxiflo can be given.


Can I drive after taking Maxiflo inhalation?
Maxiflo has not been found to have effects on driving abilities.


Can I consume alcohol after taking Maxiflo inhalation?
Alcohol can impair the tolerance of the heart towards formoterol, hence, it is advised that you avoid alcohol consumption.

Other General Warnings

Talk to your doctor if
  • You have a different illness
  • You are taking other medications or plan to take new ones even those not prescribed
  • You have an infection of lungs or in the chest
  • You suffer from tuberculosis or have had it in the past
  • You have heart problems
  • You have an abnormal bulging of any blood vessels in the body (called aneurysms)
  • You suffer from diabetes or have high blood pressure problem
  • You have a hyperactive thyroid gland
  • You suffer from potassium deficiency in the blood
  • Your adrenal gland function is not working properly or have an adrenal tumour
  • You have liver problems
  • You will have an operation under general anaesthesia or are under extreme stress
  • You are experiencing discomfort and are facing vision disturbances due to this medicine

Mode of Action of Maxiflo 250mcg Box Of 30 Rotacaps

How Does It Work?

Fluticasone belongs to a class called as steroids. It helps to reduce the swelling and inflammation in the lungs and produces few side effects. Formoterol acts locally to dilate the smaller airways in...
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Directions for Use of Maxiflo 250mcg Box Of 30 Rotacaps

  • Use the inhaler exactly as prescribed by the doctor
  • Read the leaflet attached with the pack for specific instructions on how to use
  • Do not use the inhaler when the counter reads zero
  • Do not exceed the recommended dosage
  • In case of any exposure of the inhaler to freezing temperatures or if you are using it for the first time, it must be 'primed' before use (instructions are given in the leaflet)
  • The inhaler must always be shaken just before use
  • Rinse your mouth or gargle after taking the medicine and spit out the residue to avoid a sore mouth or throat
  • Clean the inhaler properly after use

Interactions of Maxiflo 250mcg Box Of 30 Rotacaps

Interactions with other medicines

  • Medicines containing cromoglicate should not be used with Maxiflo
  • The risk of side effects is increased when Maxiflo is given with certain viral antibiotics, ketoconazole, telithromycin, or cobicistat
  • Concomitant anaesthesia with halogenated hydrocarbons can increase risk of abnormal heart rhythm
  • Effect of formoterol may be enhanced if given with other adrenergic medicines
  • Blood pressure medicines called beta blockers can reduce effect of formoterol
  • Loop or thiazide diuretics (used to manage high blood pressure) or digitalis glycosides and Maxiflo if given together can cause potassium deficiency in the blood
  • L-dopa, L-thyroxine, oxytocin, and alcohol can all reduce cardiac tolerance to Maxiflo
  • Co-administration with furazolidone and procarbazine can cause high blood pressure
  • Care should be taken while giving Maxiflo with antidepressants, antipsychotics, antihistamines and with quinidine, disopyramide, procainamide to avoid risk for abnormal heart rhythm

Storage and disposal of Maxiflo 250mcg Box Of 30 Rotacaps

Keep this medicine out of children's sight and reach. Do not use this inhaler after expiry date. Store at a temperature not above 25°C. Do not freeze. If the inhaler has been exposed to cold temperatu...
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Dosage of Maxiflo 250mcg Box Of 30 Rotacaps


If you take a dosage more than what was recommended, contact your doctor immediately. You may experience some symptoms such as chest pain, blood pressure changes, headache, muscle cramps, nervousness,...
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Missed a Dose

Do not take a dosage if you remember that you have forgotten to take one when its almost time for another dose. Otherwise, take it as soon as you realise you've forgotten to take it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: When should you not use Maxiflo?

A: Maxiflo is not indicated for use in children below 5 years of age. It should not be used as initial treatment in asthma or even after a patient is wheezing or facing trouble breathing during an asthma attack. This medicine only prevents breathing problems, does not stop them.

Q: How long does the effect of Maxiflo last?

A: The effect of the formoterol component can last as long as 12 hours, however, the doctor will prescribe a frequency of dosage that must be adhered to strictly.

Q: Why is this medicine given as an inhaler?

A: By means of an inhalation, the active medicine components are able to reach into the lungs quickly and produce rapid action. Time is critical in conditions like asthma, hence, it is very common for such medications to be given as inhalers.

Q: How do I use the inhaler to take Maxiflo medications?

A: You can ask your doctor how to correctly use the inhaler so that the medicine is properly administered. You can also refer to the package leaflet for detailed instructions on the same. You should practice holding it before a mirror and then starting using the medicine.
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