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Pharmeasy Orthopaedic Electric Heat Belt Regular
Pharmeasy Orthopaedic Electric Heat Belt Regular
Pharmeasy Orthopaedic Electric Heat Belt Regular
Pharmeasy Orthopaedic Electric Heat Belt Regular
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Pharmeasy Orthopaedic Electric Heat Belt Regular

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Back pain, neck pain, or pain in your joints are quite common and could occur due to a number of reasons- injury, muscle strain, bad posture, or during periods of menstruation. Whatever be the cause, you will be laid low by body pain unless you find ways to relieve the ache and discomfort.

As you know, heat therapy always works wonders in mitigating pain. And now you can access heat therapy for your body pain without going to the trouble of preparing a hot water bag!

Introducing the new-age heat therapy device- PharmEasy Heating Belt! It comes with a built-in thermostat. There is a heating coil and many layers of insulation that trap the heat so that you can keep the belt on for as long as you like and this feature also ensures that the product poses no risk to your wellbeing. Its hook and loop mechanism allows you to strap on the belt securely and comfortably.

Depending on the severity of your pain, you can change the degree of heat with remote control. You can choose between 3 heating levels. So, get yourself a PharmEasy Heating Belt right away to banish that pesky body pain.

Key benefits:

  • Brings relief from different types of body pain
  • Can subdue the pain caused by inflammation
  • Improves blood circulation and helps to speed up recovery
  • Eases the stiffness in muscles or joints

Product Features:

  • Contains a thermostat that is heated up and then transmits the heat to help reduce pain
  • Very little electricity is required to heat the coil
  • Contains many insulation layers on both sides of the heating coil for complete safety
  • There are 3 heating levels
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • No side effects have been observed

Product Uses:

  • PharmEasy Heating Belt can ease -
  • Pain triggered by muscle sprain
  • Pain caused by injury
  • Lower backache or abdominal pain during menstruation
  • Shoulder pain
  • Crick in the neck caused by sleeping in an incorrect posture
  • Stiffness and pain due to arthritis

Safety Precautions:

  • Read the instructions on the package carefully before you start using the heating belt.
  • Consult a doctor/ physiotherapist/ orthopedist regarding how long and how frequently you should use the product.
  • If you experience amplified discomfort or rashes break out, discontinue using the product.
  • Keep the heating belt away from the reach of children.
  • If the seal is broken or the package is damaged, do not use the product.

Product Care Instructions:

  • Do not fold the product as that might damage the wires and heating coil
  • Do not wash the heating belt
  • Disconnect the belt’s cords from the mains after you’ve used the heating belt

Shelf life:

5 years from the date of manufacture


Q1: How does the PharmEasy Heating Belt work?
Ans: The heating belt contains a heating coil. When you plug the belt in, electricity heats the coil up. Then you wrap the heating belt around the part of your body that is in pain. The heat from the coil will be transferred to your body to increase blood flow and reduce the intensity of pain.

Q2: What is so special about PharmEasy Heating Belt?
Ans: This heating belt uses very little electricity so that you needn’t run up a hefty bill even if you have to use this belt frequently. The belt has three heating levels, which means you can now generate the right amount of heat to address the severity of your pain.

Q3: When can I use PharmEasy Heating Belt?
Ans: PharmEasy Heating Belt can be used to relieve all kinds of body pain that require heat therapy- ache in the shoulder, joints, lower back, neck, etc.

Q4: Is the PharmEasy Heating Belt safe for use?
Ans: This heating belt is completely safe for use because there are multiple insulating layers on both sides of the heating coil.

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