Mamy Poko Pants Standard Pant Style Large Size Diapers - 34 Count

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If you're searching for a lightweight and comfy diaper with colossal absorption capacity, Mamy Poko Pants Standard Pant Style Large Size Diapers are an ideal choice. The Mamy Poko diaper with pant style makes it more convenient. These diapers are made using smooth and soft elastic that leaves no marks on your baby's body. In addition, it comes at an affordable price without compromising on quality. These diapers are also available in various sizes. Small, medium and large for 4 kg to 8 kg, 7 kg to 12 kg and 9 kg to 14 kg babies, respectively. Mamy Poko Pants Diapers are based on Japanese technology with no rigid elastic tapes. It has 10 hours of absorption capacity.


  • Mamy Poko Pants Standard Pant Style Large Size Diapers are great for babies weighing between 9 kg to 14 kg.
  • These diapers are made of smooth elastic and prevent harsh marks on the baby's skin.
  • They are easy to wear.
  • Owing to its lightweight, comfortable and smooth features, these diapers make your baby delightful.
  • They are the best alternative to taped diapers that leave your baby uncomfortable.
  • These diapers are formulated using a crisscross absorbent sheet. Hence, they offer extreme dryness for 10 hours by absorbing urine across the diaper.


  • Due to the soft elastic, leg gathers and powerful absorption features, Mamy Poko Pants Diapers are highly convenient for infants.
  • It prevents rashes and skin irritation of your baby.

How to Use

  • Unpack the Mamy Poko Pants Diapers and pull up the diapers just like regular shorts or pants.
  • Adjust the diapers according to the size of the infant.
  • If you'd like to remove the diapers, tear them off from two sides.
  • Finally, wrap the diapers with a paper or disposable cover and throw them in the dustbin.

Safety Information

  • It should be used only once.
  • To avoid choking or drain blocking, don't throw diapers in your toilets.
  • Keep the Mamy Poko Standard Pant Style Diapers in a dry and cool place.
  • Make sure to keep it away from babies to prevent any mishaps.


Q1. Is this diaper suitable for sensitive-skin babies?

Ans: Yes, since the diaper is made of soft elastic and cotton material, it's ideal for infants of all skin types.

Q2. Are Mamy Poko Pants Diapers made of chemicals?

Ans: No, Mamy Poko Pants are made of synthetic materials that are harmless to infants.

Q3. How long do Mamy Poko Pants Diapers remain dry?

Ans: These diapers absorb the urine and ensure drier pants for over 10 hours.

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