Kotex Overnight Panties - 10 Count (Small/Medium)
Kotex Overnight Panties - 10 Count (Small/Medium)
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Kotex Overnight Panties - 10 Count (Small/Medium)

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Are you having trouble sleeping during your period? You're not on your own. Kotex, a well-known and trusted sanitary napkin company, has introduced its new, groundbreaking Kotex Overnight Panties to ensure that women have a pleasant night period. The Kotex Overnight 10 Panties (Small/Medium) are special night pads that provide 360-degree anti-leakage protection. These personal hygiene products suit your body like a sanitary pad and a pair of pants in one, preventing any front, side or back leaks. Have a comfortable, restful night's sleep now, even if you're on your period.


  • These panties provide anti-leakage protection on all sides.
  • This product will prevent leaks in the front, back or sides.
  • The material is cottony and soft.
  • The Kotex Period Wear Panties will keep you rash-free.
  • The flexible 3D design has a long absorbent core.
  • The panty fit is a combination of sanitary pads and panties in one product.
  • It comprises a lightweight, breathable fabric.
  • These pads are heavy-duty to endure heavy period flow.


  • Even when you're on your period, the Kotex Panties allow you to get your eight hours of beauty sleep.
  • These overnight panties provide 360-degree anti-leakage protection, allowing you to sleep in whichever position you like.
  • They look like a sanitary pad and a pair of underwear all in one.
  • These personal hygiene needs are custom-fit to your body, preventing leaking from the front, side or rear.
  • To assure your comfort, these panties are composed of breathable cotton material.
  • Their super-absorbent core provides complete protection, while the panty-like fit avoids any discomfort.
  • You don't need to put on another pair of underwear besides these Kotex ones.

How to Use

  • Remove the panty from its box.
  • Place the blue waistband towards the front.
  • Wear the Kotex Period Wear Panties as you would your regular underpants.

Safety Information

  • Check the directions thoroughly before using.
  • Keep it out of the reach of youngsters.
  • Kotex Panties should not be flushed into the toilet.
  • Wrap used panties in paper and place them in a dustbin to properly dispose of them.
  • Avoid storing them in hot places.


Q1: What is the best time to use Kotex Overnight Panties?

Ans: Overnight Panties from Kotex are created specifically for heavy flow nights. That usually occurs during the first two nights of a woman's cycle.

Q2: Is it necessary to use a pad or underwear when using Kotex Overnight Panties?

Ans: Not in the least! The Kotex Overnight Panties are period underwear that combines a pad and a panty into one very absorbent piece.

Q3: In one night, how many Kotex Panties should I use?

Ans: Just one! Because of its highly absorbent core and panty-like fit, you can sleep through the night without worrying about staining, leakage or changing.

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