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Durex Kohinoor Juicy Strawberry Packet Of 10 Condoms

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Are you looking for more stimulation in your sexual experience? Then you must try the Juicy Strawberry Condoms from Durex Company. The flavorful Durex ribbed and dotted condoms will make your most intimate moments more memorable and pleasurable. This Durex condom pack of 10 features unique texture, improved and exciting smell, juicy flavour, raised dotted surface and reassurance of the best protection. Furthermore, Durex Kohinoor ensures a comfortable fit and the best quality.


  • Dots coupled with the strawberry flavour guarantees more stimulation.
  • Natural rubber latex and good quality Durex condoms.
  • Contains added colour and extra lubrication for maximum sensitivity.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • 100% electronically tested for breakage.
  • Improved smell and flavour promises a better intimate experience.
  • Durable, reliable and provides better protection.
  • Maximises pleasure and excitement during intercourse.


  • Durex condoms are designed to prevent pregnancy.
  • It ensures protection against STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases).
  • Use it for a better sexual experience.

How to Use

  • Open the wrapper along the serrated edge and keep it ready.
  • Put the condom on the erect genital with the teat facing up.
  • Ensure the roll portion of the condom remains outside.
  • To release the air, squeeze the end portion of the condom before putting it on.
  • Now, place the condom atop the genital and roll it on.
  • Soon after ejaculation, hold the condom firmly at the base and slide it off carefully.
  • Wrap it properly in a tissue and throw it away in the bin.
  • Do not flush it in the toilet.

Safety Information

  • It is a single-use product. Use a new condom every time you have intercourse.
  • If the condom leaks or bursts while having intercourse, seek medical assistance soon.
  • Do not use an expired condom.
  • Place the Durex condoms in a dry and cool place.
  • Protect condoms from heat and direct sunlight.


Q 1. What are the benefits of flavoured condoms?
Apart from the taste factor, Durex flavoured condoms are beneficial in a lot of ways. Many of us get irritated with foul-smelling private parts and the scent of these flavoured condoms can help with this issue. Not only this, with the flavoured condoms, you can also take your oral sex experience to an altogether another level.

Q 2. Why are Durex condoms better than others?
Durex has over 80 years of experience in the condom manufacturing process. Durex product line uses the finest raw materials and the samples are electronically tested for any fault, burst strength and elasticity. They are all dermatologically tested. Durex also constantly keeps innovating and trying to better its products.

Q 3. Do thinner condoms break away easily during intercourse?
No, the thin condoms don’t compromise on any safety factor.

Q 4. Does the protection and satisfaction level decrease while using Durex Kohinoor Juicy Strawberry?

No, the Durex Kohinoor Juicy Strawberry provides the optimum level of satisfaction. It is as safe as any other regular condom.

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