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Buy face shields online at PharmEasy

As the name itself suggests, face shields protect your face. Classified under personal protective equipment (PPE), the product guards your entire face from flying objects, road debris and other hazards, chemical splashes and even potentially infectious materials. From being an industrial safety equipment, face shields became part of everyday life with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic as an additional layer of protection. A wide variety of face shields are available for purchase online at PharmEasy and delivered at your doorstep almost anywhere in India.

Buy authentic face shields online at PharmEasy

With increase in demand, several manufacturers have mushroomed for the product. Not all use prime, recommended material and may not perform adequately. It is difficult to ascertain good ones from the lesser ones. It therefore makes sense to buy the product from PharmEasy online and be assured in terms of price and quality.

What are face shields used for?

Face shields are mainly used by workers in medical, dental and veterinary communities, laboratories, fire-fighters, police etc. The product protects the face, eyes, nose and mouth from splashes, sprays and spatter of body fluids. Face shields are generally used in conjunction with other protective equipment and comprise of a headband with a cover of rigid, clear polycarbonate covering the face right down to the chin. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, face shields received wider traction. Their use as an additional layer of safety came with the benefit of limiting the volume and travel distance of droplets dispersed while speaking, breathing and coughing. Being without vents or holes, the product additionally benefits by filtering out virus containing particles from inhaled and exhaled air, reducing the possibility of infection.

Types of face shields

  • There are various types of face shields.
  • (a) Head band: The simplest of face shields that has a head band and a polycarbonate visor.
  • (b) Food-grade: These have food grade material as the face cover making them safe for child use.
  • (c) Disposable: A thin flexible polycarbonate film and an elastic headband are its constituents.
  • (d) Wide Shape: These face shields are shaped wider and allow more comfort for the face while enlarging the cover area.
  • (e) Pivot: With the polycarbonate shield pivoted to the headband, you may lift the mask over your head without taking it off.
  • (f) Face shield with built in glasses : These face shields sit on the bridge of your nose, giving you a closer fit, better protection and cleaner vision without any fogging.

Top face shield brands and USPs

  • Steelbird SBA-2 – An established name in crash helmets, their product is unbreakable and can withstand great pressure. It has an adjustable loop on the strap for your convenience and better hold.
  • Studds Dr. Shield – This too is an established entity in crash helmets. Their product has a curved surface and protects right up to your ears being broader.
  • MaxCare – Affordable and with added protection by covering cover your face, ears, a part of your neck, these come with peel-off film to give you clear vision as you start wearing them.

Frequently Asked Questions

question 1

You attach it to your forehead with the elastic band. For added safety from infections, wear your face mask and goggles before putting on your face shield.

question 2

The actual shield covering your face is made of polycarbonate sheet.

question 3

Yes, your face shield is reusable and is easily cleaned and sanitised as needed.

question 4

  • Face shields are worn over your face mask as added safety.
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