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Sartel 80mg Strip Of 15 Tablets

Sartel 80mg Strip Of 15 Tablets

15 Tablet(s) in Strip
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Medical Description

Sartel 80mg Tab 15`S is an angiotensin II receptor antagonist (ARB), the uses of which include the management of high blood pressure and heart failure. The generic name of Sartel 80mg Tab 15`S is telmisartan.
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Uses of Sartel 80mg Tab 15`S

  • Treatment of heart failures
  • Treatment of hypertension due to high blood pressure
  • Treatment of kidneys-related disorders
  • Prevention of heart attacks

Contraindications of Sartel 80mg Tab 15`S

  • Individuals allergic to this medicine or its constituents
  • Patients with critical liver- or kidneys-related disorders
  • Patients with renal artery stenosis (a condition where the blood vessels in the kidneys are contracted or narrow)
  • Patients with angioedema

Side effects of Sartel 80mg Tab 15`S

  • Hypotension (decrease in blood pressure)
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Muscular pain
  • Increase in the number of white blood cells
  • Swelling in face, lips and throat

Precautions and Warnings of Sartel 80mg Tab 15`S


Can I take Sartel 80mg Tab 15`S during pregnancy?
The medicine is not considered safe for pregnant women. Hence, pregnant women should refrain from taking this medicine.

Breast Feeding

Can I take Sartel 80mg Tab 15`S while breastfeeding?
It is not advised to take up this medicine during breastfeeding. Consult a doctor for an alternative medicine or stop feeding the infant for the complete period of medication and only resume once the prescription is over.


Can I drive if I have consumed Sartel 80mg Tab 15`S?
It is advised to avoid driving if side effects of Sartel 80mg Tab 15`S like dizziness and fainting are prominent.


Can I consume alcohol with Sartel 80mg Tab 15`S?
Consumption of alcohol can result in a decrease in blood pressure, which can be severe during the administration of this medicine.

Other General Warnings

Talk to your doctor if
People with a history of angioedema are advised to discuss the issue with the doctor before starting the medication. Angioedema is a condition in which most of the face, including lips, throat and tongue, develops swelling. People with irregular heartbeats or cardiac arrhythmia must discuss the issue with a doctor before taking up the medication.
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Mode of Action of Sartel 80mg Tab 15`S

How Does It Work?

This medicine acts on angiotensin-II hormone, which is responsible for the constriction of blood vessels. Due to its action on angiotensin-II, the blood vessels stay relaxed, thereby providing for an easy passage for the blood flow and keeping the blood pressure down.
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Directions for Use of Sartel 80mg Tab 15`S

The dosage of Sartel 80mg Tab 15`S is to be taken in the prescribed amount only. It is supposed to be swallowed (not chewed or crushed) with water.

Interactions of Sartel 80mg Tab 15`S

Interactions with other medicines

Getting on a prescription of this medicine while already taking an NSAID can lessen the effect of this medicine on the controlling the blood pressure. Medicine like diuretics, which increases the potassium level in the blood, is likely to have an impact on the working of telmisartan and other antihypertensives (medicines which control high blood pressure).
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Interactions with food items

Individuals on the prescription of this medicine are advised to take up a low salt diet with low potassium content.

Other general Interactions

Individuals who have had surgery (or transplant) on kidneys are required to share the information with the doctors before starting the administration of this medicine. Also, individuals with angioedema, excessive vomiting or critical heart failure with or without renal impairment should inform their doctor before starting the treatment.
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Storage and disposal of Sartel 80mg Tab 15`S

The medicine is to be stored at room temperature and must be kept away from direct sunlight, moisture, heat and reach of children. It should seldom be used after the expiry date and be properly disposed via standard methods suggested by your pharmacist.
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Dosage of Sartel 80mg Tab 15`S


The overdose of Sartel 80mg Tab 15`S leads to an extreme lowering of blood pressure, failure of kidneys, increased heart rate, fainting and losing consciousness.

Missed a Dose

A missed dosage is advised to be compensated as early as possible, but not if it can result in a double dose. The dosages must be taken at a prescribed gap suggested by the doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: Why is potassium-rich diet or supplements not advised with Sartel 80mg Tab 15`S?

A: Taking excess potassium-rich foods while on the prescription of this medicine can result in weakness and confusion, irregular heartbeats or heaviness in the legs.

Q: What are the risks of quitting an ongoing antihypertensive like telmisartan?

A: Quitting an antihypertensive medication suddenly might result in an extreme rise in the blood pressure, which can lead to a stroke.

Q: Can I use an over-the-counter pain killer/anti-inflammatory medicine along with telmisartan?

A: It is not advised to use any anti-inflammatory medicines along with the medicine as it might result in the blood pressure shooting back up.

Q: Is it safe to give telmisartan to children?

A: No, telmisartan is a prescription medicine that must not be given to anybody except for whom it is prescribed. Antihypertensive medicines are not prescribed to children as they are not deemed safe.

Q: What is the onset period for Sartel 80mg Tab 15`S?

A: The medicine takes around a couple of hours to start showing its effects.
Last Updated on: 15 Aug 2020 | 09:16 AM (IST)

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